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Everything You Should Know about Your New ZEISS Precision Lenses

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Fashionably Sleek High Index Lenses

Better vision and great look thanks to extra-thin, super-lightweight, innovative lenses

People who need strong prescription glasses know this problem: The weaker the eyes, the thicker and heavier the required lenses. This creates cosmetic and other problems for near- and far-sighted patients. The solution: HighIndex plastic lenses from ZEISS. They are so sleek that only one thing leaves a mark: their superior quality.

The best choice for patients with more extreme vision problems: the exceptionally thin lenses from ZEISS

The best choice for patients with more extreme vision problems: the exceptionally thin lenses from ZEISS

Special plastic materials and optimized lens designs make the innovatively manufactured High Index ZEISS Lenses comfortable and also fashionably sleek: Compared to conventional lenses, High Index are up to 40 percent thinner – a critical aesthetic benefit. After all, thick distort the way others see our eyes.


Thick lenses that are externally concave can greatly enlarge the appearance of the eyes of far-sighted patients who wear plus lenses. The effect is called the bulging eye syndrome, and it makes the eyes look as if they are bulging out.

In contrast, minus lenses minimize the appearance of the eyes of near-sighted patients and make their facial contours appear narrower behind the glasses. Both effects are undesirable for the patient and give them unattractive profiles.

HighIndex addresses both problems: The plastic material used to manufacture these lenses and a perfectly optimized lens design guarantee an absolutely natural look and unbeatable comfort no matter how strong the lenses are. The best choice for patients with more extreme vision problems,exceptionally thin lenses from ZEISS, arealso available in aspheric flat design.

The benefits of aspherically-cut lenses: They are thinner than conventionally manufactured lenses and less concave, but deliver the same correction levels and excellent vision results.

An ingenious solution for progressive lenses

Best possible vision thanks to ZEISS HighIndex lenses.

Best possible vision thanks to ZEISS HighIndex lenses.

Those who wear progressive lenses that have an invisible transition from the reading zone and distance vision zone cut right into the lens enjoy the best possible vision thanks to ZEISS High Index lenses. Regardless of how strong a lens you need: HighIndex lenses will give you optimal vision and maximum attractiveness paired with fashionable, contemporary eyeglass aesthetics.

By the way, HighIndex glasses are also available in self-tinting designs. ZEISS High Index lenses with PhotoFusion® automatically adjust to changing light conditions by changing the lens shades. They're the perfect solution for highly mobile people who consider their glasses a constant companion.

Slim and light eyeglass lenses

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