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How to Ensure Your Eyeglass Lenses Always Hit the Right (Color) Tones

How to Ensure Your Eyeglass Lenses Always Hit the Right (Color) Tones

The right make-up for colored lenses

They can be admired on many prominent faces and are real eye-catchers on international catwalks: spectacles with colorful lenses. But you don't have to be a star or model to have an attractive appearance with such an accessory. Together with the appropriate make-up, colored lenses are a trend that matches any personality and...


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See the world in living color!

ZEISS' colored lenses really set the mood
Choosing the right eyeglasses is a personal process. This applies not only to frames, but also to the color of the prescription lenses. People have always worn slightly colored lenses with hints of grey,...


Perfect Vision for All Winter Sports Fans

ZEISS presents its new fashionable collection of snow goggles just in time for the winter season
Another year has gone by, and once again, the ski and snowboard season has begun! For any skier or snowboarder, snow goggles are just as important as being fast and having the right outfit. ZEISS is launching...


Clever Gift Ideas for Eyeglass Wearers

From the perfect case to stylish accessories: our gift ideas are guaranteed to include the ideal present for every eyeglass wearer
Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, a little reward for the young ones or a present for a special event - there are plenty of occasions and opportunities to give a gift to eyeglass...


How Your Eyeglasses Reflect Your Personality

Choosing eyeglasses comes down to more than formal criteria – it's also a matter of personality
They're not only a vision aid, but also a stylish accessory. Glasses allow you to express your individuality and emphasize your style. But what does a pair of glasses say about someone’s personality? We...


Mini Style Guide with a Huge Perspective: Eyeglasses and Fashion – an Unbeatable Team

These tips will guarantee you an eye-catching look for every occasion
Some people stay with the same fashion style from morning to night – every day of their lives. Finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses for these straightforward souls is relatively easy. But what about...


Tips for buying eyeglass: how to find the correct glasses for you

Two things are important when buying new glasses: optimum and relaxed vision as well as a great appearance.
Putting a lot of thought into the selection of new eyeglasses means that they will not only be eye-catching, but they will also reflect and become a part of your personality. Nowadays, it goes without...


Old Eyeglass Lenses – New Eyeglass Frames. Is That Even Possible?

If you no longer like your eyeglass frames, but the lenses are still perfectly customized to your eyesight condition, how can an eye care professional help you in your search for a new model?
Fashions change at an ever increasing pace. And we are not just talking about clothes and shoes here - the same goes for eyeglass frames. If slimline models were the product to set eyeglass wearers' pulses...


Do Yellow Lenses Make People Happier?

Better vision thanks to shaded lenses
Shaded lenses will indeed bring color into your life. But what are the benefits of shaded lenses? Which shading is the most beneficial and what colors drive the latest fashion trends? This article will...


The History of Eyeglasses

The first visual aid was invented around 700 years ago
These days, it is a matter of course: When your vision deteriorates and your eyes grow weaker, you go to your eye doctor and have a pair of glasses made. But this was not always the case: It wasn’t until...


Hot Trend: Colored Lenses

How to go color crazy with shaded lenses
Colored or shaded lenses have been on the market for quite some time. Fashion trends drive this product and the available palette covers an impressive spectrum. This article provides insights into how...



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