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Optical Basics

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Optical Basics

Here you get background information on spectacle lenses. This chapter provides clear, straightforward information on the basics of ophthalmic optics, surface geometry and progressive lenses, lens materials, lens production and coatings, with concrete pictures and some interesting flashbacks to the history of ophthalmic lenses over the centuries.

Optics & the Eye

Here you can find some interesting information about such optical parameters as wavelength, refractive index, transmittance, etc. and the role they play in the field of spectacle lenses.

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Optical Designs

The solution - a good appearance and good vision with one and the same lens - came in the form of the asphere and the atorus. In 1986 Carl Zeiss was the first manufacturer - and still is the only manufacturer - to offer a single vision lens with an atoroidal front surface: the Hypal lens

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Lens Materials

Read here about the history of glass and what optimisations have emerged over the years for the spectacle lens industry.

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Lens Production

Here you can learn more about the general production of spectacle lenses, up to and including the special manufacturing techniques required for bifocal and progressive lenses. "From order placement to delivery" - here you can accompany your lens on its journey through Carl Zeiss.

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Lens Treatment

Here you can read about the possibilities available for coating lenses:
from a single antireflection coating to high-tech coating, from surface protection for plastic lenses Clean Coat and lens tints and colours up to your wishes.

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On our historical pages we trace developments right back to their early days.
And you will also learn more about the leading rights who discovered them.

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