Challenge the Limits of Imagination

Seeing Beyond for more than
175 years

Ever since ZEISS was founded more than 175 years ago, curiosity, passion and precision have been inspiring us, our customers and our partners. Together, we have succeeded time after time in opening up new perspectives, transforming major challenges into major opportunities and making the impossible possible.
In spite of the many changes the world has seen over the past more than 175 years, one thing has stayed the same: together, we challenge the limits of our imagination.
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ZEISS Beyond Talks

For more than 175 years, ZEISS has been asking “How can we challenge the limits of our imagination?” To celebrate this vision, ZEISS has partnered up with thought leaders and great minds from around the globe for the series "ZEISS Beyond Talks" where they speak about their work, visions, and how they are having a major impact on our world.

Surgical precision
at the edge of science

Interview with pioneer neurosurgeon Prof. Robert Spetzler

AI for Humanity

Interview with Lila Tretikov, Deputy CTO at Microsoft

The paradox of exponential innovation

Interview with Martin van den Brink, President and CTO at ASML

Imagination is a constant process that never ends

Interview with veteran filmmaker Wim Wenders and his photographer wife Donata.

ZEISS Beyond Talks –
The Podcast

"ZEISS Beyond Talks – The Podcast” takes you on a journey by capturing important milestones and by talking to leading scientists, renowned artists and ZEISS experts from around the world. All of them address the question: How can we challenge the limits of imagination?

How the Past Enables the Future

From microscopic idea to global technology leader: Carl Zeiss began challenging the limits of imagination with respect to physical laws when scientific research was still in its infancy. His vision is still with us today.

ZEISS – an Internationally Leading Technology Enterprise

founded by Carl Zeiss in Jena
locations in almost 50 countries
employees worldwide
Beyond imagination

Since more than 175 years we challenge the limits of imagination

ZEISS History at a Glance

ZEISS Microscopy Image Contest 2021

ZEISS wins German Future Prize 2020

ZEISS at the Digital Summit 2020

ZEISS Museum of Optics

ZEISS Museum of Optics

What drives us

As the pioneer of science in optics, we continue to challenge the limits of our imagination. With our passion for excellence we create value for our customers and inspire the world to see in new ways.

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175 years of  ZEISS

Corporate Responsibility

We are ensuring sustainable development.