On the Occasion of 175th Company Anniversary

ZEISS Beyond Talks

ZEISS Beyond Talks

For 175 years, ZEISS has been asking “How can we challenge the limits of our imagination?” To celebrate this vision, ZEISS has partnered up with thought leaders and great minds from around the globe for the series "ZEISS Beyond Talks" where they speak about their work, visions, and how they are having a major impact on our world.

Capturing moments frozen in time

Interview with Sebastian Copeland, award-winning photographer, adventurer and environmental advocate.

The award-winning photography of polar explorer Sebastian Copeland transports us into a world few people get to experience. He spoke to us about the beauty, danger and fragility of life on the ice.

Secrets in the wings of butterflies

Interview with Nipam Patel, PHD, developmental biologist and director of the Marine Biological Laboratory, University of Chicago.

Nipam Patel is a developmental biologist studying the animal world at the genetic level. His research into butterflies and crustaceans is opening new doors in our understanding of color visualization, tissue regeneration, and the evolution of species.

Heart meets mind in neuroscience

Interview with Prof. Ling Feng, neurosurgeon and Deputy Director of China INI in Beijing.

Professor Ling Feng is a leading neurosurgeon and Deputy Director of the China International Neuroscience Institute (China INI) in Beijing. In a field driven by science, she says empathy is still the most important trait.

A vision of luxury: building a high-end eyewear brand

Interview with founder and CEO of PUYI OPTICAL, Jeffery Yau.

Jeffery Yau is the founder and CEO of luxury eyewear brand PUYI OPTICAL. We caught up with him at the ZEISS Vision Center in Hong Kong to discuss developments in the eyewear industry, and how luxury brands can give back to the community.

How lasers are tracing the path to humanity`s future

Interview with Dr. Peter Leibinger, CTO of TRUMPF Group.

Dr. Peter Leibinger is CTO of TRUMPF Group – a world leader in industrial-use laser technology. He shares his thoughts on what makes lasers special, their role in developing AI, and why there’s reason to be optimistic about humanity’s future.

The power of storytelling to drive social change

Interview with German-American director, Sherry Hormann.

We spoke to film director Sherry Hormann in the iconic Delphi cinema in Berlin. She told us about the importance of portraying the individual experience, dealing with tough subjects on screen, and why storytelling has always touched human beings.

Magnifying the molecules of tomorrow

Interview with Prof. Joachim Mayer, Materials Scientist at RWTH Aachen University.

Modern day exploration is not only about heading into space – it’s also about studying the materials around us at the molecular level. Joachim Mayer is a pioneer in this field. The Materials Scientist from RWTH Aachen University and Ernst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy says we’re entering the era of neuromorphic computing.

Lights in the Deep Sea

Interview with Prof. Antje Boetius, microbiologist, researcher.

There are fewer humans who have been diving in the deep sea than humans who have been to outer space. Antje Boetius is one of the deep sea explorers. We had the chance to get thrilling insider information about this uncharted area of our planet.

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