Innovation and Technology

Optical technologies pave the way for many innovations in numerous industries.

Innovation Shapes the Future

Innovation is a way of life at ZEISS. You might even say it is in the company's genes.

At ZEISS, innovation is always put in the context of society as a whole. All innovations aim to ensure that future customer needs related to products, services, solutions and business models are met, and that they offer added value and benefits. They no longer deal only with the development of new products, but also aim to enable a new kind of management and new business models.

Optical technologies are key technologies for our future. Their technical and scientific applications will increasingly impact our everyday lives in the years ahead.

Dr. Karl Lamprecht, President and CEO of ZEISS

Optical technologies are vital in a wide range of fields, including the life sciences, medicine, IT and telecommunications, automotive, consumer and many others. The Research and Development teams at ZEISS are working hard to constantly expand our technology leadership.

Three key success factors for ZEISS

Highly qualified employees
Highly qualified employees

Innovative products can only be developed and produced by highly qualified and motivated staff. ZEISS therefore places great emphasis on the careful selection of its employees, offers targeted training programs and provides an attractive working environment. This includes in particular the positive, respectful way in which colleagues treat each other to ensure that everyone can perform at their best in their everyday work.

Networks and partnerships
Networks and partnerships

The complexity of innovations will continue to rise in the future. The required competencies can only be bundled within strong networks. ZEISS therefore works closely with its partners from industry and science in research and development, and in the supply chain.

Courage and sustainable investments
Courage and sustainable investments

Constant, above-average investments in R&D and infrastructure enable ZEISS to leverage the dynamic of the markets. In recent years, ZEISS has invested a great deal in expanding its sites and will continue to do so. For instance, ZEISS is continuing to expand its founding site in Jena by adding a new, integrated high-tech complex as a leading innovation site

ZEISS also plans to build a new shared innovation hub on the north campus of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

New Business

Shaping the future of ZEISS

ZEISS has launched special, cross-divisional activities in order to further speed up the company’s digital transformation and set up new business.

ZEISS Digital Partners

ZEISS Digital Partners, a newly formed unit within the ZEISS Group. They have a clear goal: Enabling and accelerating the digital transformation of ZEISS @speed and @scale. They are developing digital solutions jointly with the ZEISS business groups and are accelerating innovation that delivers a future value for our customers and our company.

ZEISS Ventures

ZEISS launches dedicated Ventures operations to enable entrepreneurs realize their ambitions in originating, developing, and commercializing market-shaping innovations for global markets.