ZEISS Code of Conduct

Significance for ZEISS and its business partners

ZEISS is dedicated to delivering optimum performance and meeting the highest demands, not only in terms of technology, but also regarding compliance with all applicable rules.

To ZEISS, observing all laws in force in the countries where ZEISS operates is a matter of course. This applies in particular to conduct in competition and the areas of corruption and bribery. In addition, ZEISS places a high value on dealing fairly with its employees and business partners.

ZEISS outlined these standards for the first time in 2007. The current version of the ZEISS Code of Conduct is available under Download.

The ZEISS Code of Conduct is supported by a detailed Compliance Management System, through which compliance with the Code within the Group is inspected on a regular basis.

We at ZEISS are certain that consistent adherence to the rule of law goes hand in hand with the sustainable economic success of ZEISS and its business partners. ZEISS therefore expects that all its business partners interact with ZEISS on the basis of the ZEISS Code of Conduct, i.e. that all business partners uphold the ZEISS Code of Conduct in their dealings with ZEISS.