Imaging ultra-wide without compromise.

  • Newest ultra-widefield retinal camera from ZEISS, allows clinicians to use colour to their diagnostic advantage.
  • Captures clear and accurate images from the macula to the far periphery with high-resolution image down to 7 microns.
  • Simple, stable and intuitive, designed to optimize each patient's experience.
  • Live IR preview - allows the technician to optimize alignment – intervene with lid and lash, and remove image artifacts before capturing an image.


''I can’t imagine a day in practice without our ZEISS CLARUS 500.''

Dr. Jeff Goodhew, OD, Oakville, Ontario

There are several things that impress me about the camera. The first being the true colour fundus image, it’s exactly the same as what you would get through direct observation. In addition to that, the clarity of the images is stunning, down to 7 microns which makes disease detection and tracking that much easier.


''A game changer in the practice.''

Dr. Nelson, MD, British Columbia

With COVID-19 precautions in place, I am very thankful to have quality CLARUS 500 wide-field images. PPE causes significant challenges during traditional fundoscopy, and the CLARUS 500 can be an alternative means of viewing the retina in appropriate patients.

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Increase certainty with registration of ultra-widefield fundus and OCT images: correlate and register multi-modality images for visualization and assessment of pathology.