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Perfecting your art.

Single-handed operation for truly ergonomic experience

  • Distinguish slightest color variations with cross-polarized and natural light illumination
  • Demonstrate the value of your work to your patients using the ZEISS connect app
  • Digital visualization – for greater clarity. Full HD video camera, Digital HD Video recorder

Dr. Haji, General Dentist, Toronto - First Experience

Dr. Haji, General Dentist, Soho Dental, Toronto

The Augmented Visualization of the Extaro 300 Dental Microscope is an invaluable adjunct to restorative dentistry as it allows the clinician the ability to distinguish between natural tooth structure, dental caries and composite resin.

On Demand Webinar

Understand the optimal use and applications of advanced microscopes in dentistry and the advantages of the ZEISS EXTARO 300 Dental Microscope, the latest offering in the category.