ZEISS SL 800 Slit Lamp

Premium optical quality with a high level of comfort

SL 800 Premium LED from ZEISS

Premium optical quality with a high level of comfort

Every day, you rely on your Slit Lamp as a workhorse for routine assessments, advanced diagnostic examinations and post-op check-ups.

The new ZEISS SL 800 is a premium LED slit lamp which offers best-in-class ergonomics for your comfort, combined with superior optics and extensive illumination options. With modular imaging solutions and a wide range of accessories available, the system can be easily tailored to meet your needs and optimize your workflow.

First impressions

Watch Dr. Ike Ahmed sharing his experience with ZEISS SL 800 and SL Imaging Solution

Uncover details

  • TrueView Optics: apochromatic ZEISS lenses with anti-reflex coating provide you with true-to-life colour and high contrast images.
  • VarioLight: the integrated LED light source is accompanied by a halogen filter giving you advantages of both illumination characteristics.
  • Continuous magnification steps – 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x – show more detailed structures and give you enhanced insights.

Extensive illumination and filter options

With the VarioLight feature, you can now select your preferred examination light – cold-white or warm-white. This allows you to gain a sharper and clearer image, as well as a more natural fundus impression. Together with the integrated and optional filters and diffusor, you are equipped with an all-around setup for the observation of anterior and posterior segment.1

Enhance your focus.
Innovative operator concept.

  • With AutoView control, you can easily change magnification with the motorized two-button mechanism next to the joystick.
  • The QuickStop electronic brake activates with no need to release the joystick.
  • The intelligent stand-by EcoMode saves energy by shutting down automatically when not in use. 
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