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“SMILE is a true step for laser vision correction into the 21st century! It is the most significant advancement in laser vision correction in the last 20 years, improving safety and outcome profiles. Happier eyes and happier patients.”

Dr. Christoph Kranemann, MD – Clearview Vision Institute

The ZEISS ReLEx SMILE symposium held Thursday, February 25, 2016 at the Park Hyatt Hotel in collaboration with the Clearview Institute and Herzig Eye Institute. Local ODs attended to hear more about the 3rd generation in laser vision correction.

Ontario ODs at SMILE Event

Dr. Sheldon Herzig, MD discuss why SMILE was the right choice for his clinic.

Dr. Christoph Kranemann, MD & Dr. Herzig share their experiences and answer questions.

Some of the highlights of presentations made by Dr. Sheldon Herzig and Dr. Christoph Kranemann are, as of February 2016:

• SMILE is performed in over 350 clinics worldwide
• More than 700 practising surgeons in over 58 countries have performed SMILE
• More than 600 VisuMax SMILE systems have been sold worldwide
• Over 150 clinical papers on ReLEx SMILE have been published

Thank you to all who attended!