ZEISS Rewards – Earn Credits for Accessories, Service and More

Earn ZEISS Rewards with any purchase over $50,000.00. This promotion provides generous and instantly redeemable credit, which can be used to purchase additional ZEISS goods or services. This highly flexible offer lets you decide how you want to spend your rewards. Acquire additional objective lenses, light sources, software modules, service contract coverage or even put it towards the purchase of an additional microscope. To celebrate the launch of this promotion, you will gain the highest amount of rewards if you take advantage of this offer before March 27, 2014.

Contact us to request more information on this offer or to be put in contact with your local representative.

This offer is only valid for customers in Canada for products and services offered by Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC. This program will only be offered for a limited time, contact us for more information.