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Laser Scanning Microscopy

New ZEISS LSM 8 Family with Airyscan

Discover the new laser scanning microscope family that offers high sensitivity, improved resolution, and high speed. All in one system.

Click here to see images taken with the ZEISS LSM 8 family confocal systems. Submit your images for a chance to win a ZEISS cinemizer OLED. Contact us for details.

  • Overview

    Attend the ZEISS roadshow to learn more about the new ZEISS confocal family and Airyscan technology. Click on the different tabs to see each location and register for an event.

    Abstract :
    The New LSM 8 Family - Fast Linear Scanning Confocals with GaAsP Detection and Airyscan

    Your samples either tend to be very small, move very fast or bleach very quickly. Or do all of that at once. To get unbiased data from live cells or other weakly labeled samples, there's no such thing as too much sensitivity, resolution or speed. Each photon of emission light is precious.

    Now you can use multicolor samples with any label and get image quality like you’ve never seen before. With Airyscan you are always able to select the optimal acquisition strategy for your sample: Simply decide whether you want to gain 1.7x higher resolution in all three dimensions – resulting in a 5x smaller confocal volume. Or push the sensitivity beyond the limits of all conventional confocals. Or use the increase in signal-to-noise ratio to speed up your image acquisition. The choice is yours.

    Top banner image is of African green monkey kidney TOMM20 (AF 568), Tubulin (AF 488) and DAPI; (bottom left) confocal; (top right) Airyscan. Sample courtesy of Michael W. Davidson, The Florida State University.

  • June 3 - Cambridge

    Attend the ZEISS roadshow to learn more about the new ZEISS confocal family and Airyscan technology. Fill out the form below to register for this talk.

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