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What are the benefits of lens coatings?

Lens coatings: While virtually invisible, they’re what make a pair of glasses an effective tool. Be it a hard layer to protect against scratches or a premium anti-reflective coating that reduces annoying reflections, lens coatings can do a lot to improve your visual comfort, make it easier to clean your glasses and even ensure your glasses last longer. Plastic lenses with a coating are particularly suitable for protecting against scratches and can make glasses much more resistant to damage. And did you know that there are now modern lens coatings that feature a filter for blue UV light and can thus help protect your eyes in any situation, such as when you spend hours working at a computer? As there’s such a wide selection, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you find your way when it comes to anti-reflective, hard layer, Clean Coat and other coatings.

Blue Light: the Good and the Bad

How much blue light do we need? And how and when should we be protecting ourselves against it? Can blue light blocking glasses or lenses help?

Ten tips for choosing the right lens coating

BETTER VISION with new lens coatings – for more comfort and greater durability.

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Eyeglass lens coatings should ideally be able to do everything BETTER VISION interviews the Product Manager for DuraVision® Platinum, the most robust ZEISS lens coating ever.

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