Not all sunglasses are the same

UV protection, tinting, polarizing lenses or special solar protection for sports activities – customized sunglasses offer all options

Did you know that a stylish frame is not the only thing you should look for when you buy a pair of sunglasses? First and foremost, make sure you get premium-quality lenses that are customized for your eyes and needs. Their most important function is to protect your eyes from potentially harmful UV rays. Such individualized sunglass lenses are available for practically everyone, regardless of whether you need glasses to correct your vision or not. However, having lots of choices can be mind-boggling. BETTER VISION would like to assist you with your selection by presenting some of the key options for your perfect pair of sunglasses.

Are you already looking forward to spring’s first rays of sunshine or to intense sun exposure during an upcoming ski vacation in magnificent powder snow? Go ahead and enjoy the warming rays – but make sure you bring along sunglasses to protect your eyes against solar UV rays. And highest quality anti-reflective coatings are of particular importance for clear vision through sunglasses as well. In any event, it is always your best bet to ask your eye care professional for advice.

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How to choose the features for your customized sunglasses?

It goes without saying that UV protection is the number one quality criterion for a good pair of sunglasses. Intensive and excessive exposure to the invisible ultraviolet rays can lead to painful inflammation in the conjunctiva and the cornea, which could eventually progress and lead to chronic damage.

Of course, precision sunglass lenses are also available with corrective properties. You can also choose from a variety of tints, polarizations and anti-reflective features. When you buy a pair of sunglasses, it is important to discuss your personal needs and the expectations you have of your glasses with your eye care professional in detail.

For instance, if you need your new pair of sunglasses for driving as well, it may prove helpful to opt for ZEISS lenses with polarization, i.e., lenses featuring anti-glare technology. It minimizes the external blinding effects that develop when sunlight is reflected by wet roads, for example. Polarizing eyeglass lenses reduce this blinding effect and improve both color and contrast perception. You will enjoy sharper vision and your eyes will not tire as easily. At the same time you can count on dependable solar UV protection, regardless of whether you are spending time at the beach or in the snow-covered mountains in winter.

If you find yourself exposed to frequent changes in light conditions and do not want to have to switch back and forth between different glasses, consider photochromic lenses by ZEISS with auto-adjusting tints that respond to the different light conditions automatically. They obviously provide solar UV protection as well.

If you need sunglasses for sports activities that will also shield your eyes from the wind or if you are a fan of the unusual, you might want to invest in a pair of wrap sunglasses that are great for outdoor sports as well as very fashionable. Once again, make sure you opt for good lenses for your sunglasses. Important: If you are wearing corrective glasses, it is imperative to choose only top-quality lens designs for curved sunglasses. Lenses that do not meet this standard may deliver blurred fields of vision, especially along the outside edges of these glasses.

For those of you who are in the market for a pair of sunglasses that works well in any situation and that accompanies you through all sunny situations in life, the best option is to choose the tint you find the most comfortable from a variety of tints. In addition to the standard tints, you have the option to select precision sunglass lenses that deliver improved contrast and more saturated color perception. You will be surprised how precisely your sunglasses can be aligned with your eyes and tailored to your needs.

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