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Good vision at work – what you should bear in mind.

Good vision is important at work. Whether you’re a programmer or a beautician, there are now plenty of vision options that have been optimized for various workplace needs and can deliver outstanding vision in unique conditions. This not only includes glasses for extraordinary job-related demands, such as those faced by pilots, but also special solutions for those in professions where even the smallest details make a big difference – such as for dentists and jewelers. There is even help for those with visual impairments, with the aid of magnifiers and magnifying glasses. Computer glasses can help you see better and in a more relaxed way at work. Read on to find out everything you need to know about better vision at work.

Eyeglasses for managers – top quality lenses and frames with great customized visual comfort

Respectability, elegance and maximum functionality – glasses for people in managerial positions have a lot to live up to.

Everything in view at the computer work station

Why special reading glasses can make your work easier.

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Work Life 16-Oct-2017

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Better vision and more comfort at work The new ZEISS office eyeglass lenses give you more relaxed vision, whether you work at a desk, computer or a manufacturing machine.
Whether You're a Dentist or a Beautician - Enjoy Perfectly Clear Vision with Professional Glasses Some activities demand exceptional eyeglass lenses that deliver more. State of the art technology from ZEISS helps you to see perfectly, even at a microscopic level.
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