Progressive glasses are an all-around talent:

finally enjoy good vision again – no matter the distance.

Full UV protection in
all clear ZEISS lenses

ZEISS progressive lenses offer optimum vision support for the near and far zones. Perfectly fitted to the wearer, these lenses are tailor-made just for you, ensuring greater wearer tolerance, faster adaptation and all-around clear vision.

ZEISS progressive lenses.

individual and one-of-a kind – just like you.

Our wide selection of progressive lens designs enables your eye care professional to produce a pair of progressive glasses optimized for your particular vision needs and featuring unprecedented quality. Cutting-edge computer technology assists in measuring visual performance and fitting the lenses to your frames. The near, intermediate and distance zones are all incorporated into one lens with smooth transitions. These lenses are tailor-made for your facial shape, your lifestyle, your career and your visual habits. Individual and one-of-a kind – just like you.

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Eye Care Professional Search

Find a ZEISS eye care professional.

Outstanding wearer tolerance, adaptation in next to no time. For optimum vision.

A vast array of factors, technologies and wearer data are incorporated in the production of ZEISS progressive lenses, ensuring a faster adaptation period than ever before. No matter if you already have experience wearing progressive glasses or are wearing them for the first time: a pair of progressive glasses tailor-made for you is your best choice for high-quality, natural vision.

Smooth, perfect vision – no matter where you look.

A lens design that is as complex as it is comfortable: ZEISS progressive lenses provide you with clear vision immediately whenever you shift your eyes. And the transition is smooth as can be, finally making blurred images in the transitional zone a thing of the past.

Standard Progressive Lenses Individualized Progressives
Standard Progressive Lenses
Individualized Progressives

Seeing digital. Progressive lenses for a modern world.

ZEISS progressive lenses incorporate these changes in our everyday lives and enable fast, comfortable focusing thanks to a specially optimized near zone — no matter where you’re looking. These lenses are not only perfect for digital devices, but also books and magazines, helping you avoid uncomfortable head and body posture.

Available for every pair of frames. Your style, your choice.

Even with unusually shaped frames (like aviator glasses), your ZEISS eye care professional will adjust the new progressive lenses to accommodate your visual habits so that there is little to no adaptation period.

Incredibly thin, light lenses. Even with a high prescription.

The following rule applies to every pair of glasses: the lighter they are, the better. And this not only holds true for the frames. High-quality materials and precise technology enable the manufacture of ZEISS single vision lenses which are as thin and light as possible – even with a high prescription. This ensures maximum wearer comfort with only minimum weight.

Scratches and dirt don't stand a chance. More durable than ever.

High-performance lens coatings make your eyeglass lenses extremely resistant to scratches or static dust particles. The benefit: your lenses remain dirt-free longer, ensuring that they're significantly easier to clean. See better, look better – thanks to the latest anti-reflective coating.

Added vision comfort in artificial light.
Counteract eye fatigue and visual stress.

No matter if it's a smartphone, an LED lamp, a monitor, TV, tablet or an e-reader: modern light sources emit more blue light than we've ever experienced before. Blue light may be dangerous, and many people find it unpleasant and stressful for their eyes. It also adversely impacts our biorhythms. A special blue light filter in your eyeglass lenses can provide you with more comfortable vision.

Progressive lenses and sun protection – all in one lens. At record-breaking speed.

A pair of glasses for every situation: these self-tinting lenses also work as sunglasses. They darken in seconds and clear up in just a few minutes. And of course they feature 100% UV protection.

Lenses with sun protection, featuring a progressive lens design.

The summer dream team.

Every pair of glasses can be transformed into a pair of sunglasses of your choice, featuring perfect UV protection and providing you with optimum vision in one lens. And these lenses come with everything you'd expect: improved contrast perception, less glare and an anti-reflective coating. It's nice not to compromise.

5 Tips for Progressive Lenses

If you've started having trouble with your vision, get in touch with your eye doctor immediately.

1. If you've started having trouble with your vision, get in touch with your eye doctor immediately. The earlier you begin wearing progressive lenses, the easier this transition will be.

Personal consultation on progressive lenses and frames

2. The be-all-and-end-all at the eye doctor’s: personal consultation on progressive lenses and frames, thorough testing and then perfectly fitted lenses.

Let your eyes adjust to your new progressive glasses immediately.

3. Let your eyes adjust to your new progressive glasses immediately. This means: wear them on an ongoing basis – and be patient!

Your eyes and vision will adjust in next to no time. Should you still have difficulties after 14 days, however, go to your eye care professional. If you don't enjoy clear vision when looking straight ahead or if edges seem blurred in the distance, then your glasses may be centred too high. But if you have to look far down to see things close up, then your glasses may be centred too low in front of your eyes. In either case, you eye doctor can help – often just a short visit solves the problem.

People wearing progressive lenses

4. People wearing progressive lenses for the first time usually find their distance vision works best with their new glasses.

When you're reading, just look down with your eyes – don't tilt your whole head. When you're walking, look straight ahead and not at the ground. When walking upstairs, tilt your head in such a way that you're looking through the upper section of your lenses, i.e. through the area of the lens for distance vision – that way you'll see the stairs clearly.

Glasses sit just as they were fitted by your eye doctor.

5. Even if your progressive glasses are just slightly off-center, you should have them adjusted immediately at your eye doctor. The alignment of the lenses with your eyes is only correct if the glasses sit just as they were fitted by your eye doctor.

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