ZEISS Progressives.

One-of-a-kind like never before. One-of-a-kind – just like you.

Natural vision with progressive lenses

It happens to almost everyone sooner or later. Most people notice it by the time they're 45: fine print suddenly becomes hard to decipher, reading in poor light puts an unusual strain on the eyes or symbols and text on a smartphone screen appear blurred – all these are symptoms of presbyopia, i.e. the gradual loss of ability to focus on near objects with increasing age. It's a normal process where the crystalline lens loses its elasticity and thus can no longer properly focus clearly on objects at different distances. The best solution: progressive lenses.

The philosophy behind ZEISS progressive lenses

The philosophy behind ZEISS progressive lenses follows a simple quality maxim: the more precisely a pair of progressive lenses is fitted to the wearer, the better and more natural their vision becomes. ZEISS progressive lenses are tailor-made for your visual habits, your facial features and your lifestyle. An incredible number of factors go into making a progressive lens. In order to guarantee high-quality production, we don't just use highly precise instruments for measuring a patient's eyes and fitting the glasses. We also utilize a large database with wearer information, allowing us to produce an extremely precise lens, even if a person's particular measuring data is not available. This technology enables us to manufacture a pair of progressive glasses for every patient which meets their particular needs exactly. 165 years of experience in diverse optical fields such as microscopy, macroscopy and camera optics, as well as the ongoing evolution of our products based on the latest scientific research ensure that we achieve unparalleled production quality.

It doesn't matter if you're getting glasses for the first time, switching from reading glasses to progressive glasses or if up until now you've only required glasses for distance vision: by working closely with your optician, you can configure your new pair of progressive glasses based on the four quality categories and seven technologies from ZEISS – a procedure as comprehensive as buying a car.





Individual 24

Best natural vision based on main daily activities





Best natural vision for day and night





Better vision unlocking the full potential of 3D vision





Fast adaptation in any frame





Unlimited choice of frame





Strain-free and clear vision for print media and digital devices usage





Fast focus, sharp and dynamic vision all day long & thin and lightweight lenses

1 Precision Pure: Optimized for the eyes
Precision Plus: Optimized for the eyes + frame
Precision Superb: Optimized for the eyes + frame + face
Individual 2: Optimized for the eyes + frame + face + main daily activities

Progressive lenses – small masterpieces

All progressive lenses from ZEISS are equipped with Precision Technology. This technology is based on the following three pillars and guarantees the best and most cutting-edge visual experience for your eyes:

  • Clear Optics – ZEISS Precision: clear, natural vision.
    Thanks to a highly complex simulation of the interaction of the eye and lens, we can selectively optimise every individual point where the spectacle wearer looks through their glasses. This guarantees optimum vision over the entire surfaces of the lens.

  • Dynamic Optics – ZEISS Design Philosophy:
    comfortable and good dynamic vision, enabling the wearer to focus quickly at any distance and in any direction. The lenses are optimised for the ideal interaction of both eyes, offering a larger viewing range and improved potential for 3D vision.

  • Thin Optics – ZEISS lens aesthetics.
    For an optimum balance between precise optics and thin, light lenses.
Standard design
Individual design

Best-possible vision at night and in poor light

The next generation of lens optimisation – just like a fingerprint of your eye: if necessary, your optician can also have progressive lenses produced using special ZEISS i.Scription® Technology.

The benefit: by using so-called wavefront technology – a special analysis process – each particular property of the wearer's eyes can be captured and integrated into the design for the lenses, ensuring the best-possible vision at night and in poor light as well as increased contrast perception and colour perception in daylight.
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Did you know: even if you have a higher prescription or special vision problems, aesthetically appealing thin, slender lenses can be produced to meet your needs. These can be manufactured from either plastic or glass – the choice is yours. The benefit: a pair of lighter glasses is a lot more comfortable to wear.

Did you know: even if you have a higher prescription or special vision problems, aesthetically appealing thin, slender lenses can be produced to meet your needs. These can be manufactured from either plastic or glass – the choice is yours. The benefit: a pair of lighter glasses is a lot more comfortable to wear.

Cutting-edge technology for individualized and innovative progressive lenses

ZEISS progressive lenses are available in four different quality categories – all are fitted to meet your particular needs and vision profile. The next highest class includes all the benefits of the preceding classes.

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Pure and Digital Inside® Technology

The constant use of digital devices poses new challenges for our eyes: smartphones and tablets require a smaller reading distance than books or other print media, leading to frequent and fast refocusing: from near to far and vice-versa – e.g. from a smartphone to a newspaper and back again. This switching strains your eyes every day and can result in e.g. burning eyes, visual stress or even headaches and neck pain. Progressive lenses from ZEISS incorporate changes to your visual behaviour through a specially optimised near zone. Digital Inside® Technology from ZEISS enables the production of a progressive lens designed to help you comfortably switch between various viewing distances, giving you comfortable vision over the long term – as well as a pair of progressive glasses which has evolved to meet the challenges of the digital world.

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Plus, Adaptation Control and FrameFit®+ Technology

Fashion trends come and go rapidly – particularly when it comes to frames. The shapes, sizes and styles change from one season to the next. At the same time, one aspect matters to progressive lens wearers above all else: habit, i.e. they want to look through their glasses in the same way they've always done. With ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Plus, Adaptation Control and FrameFit®+ Technology, the wearer can lower their eyes to see through the near zone just like on their old pair of frames, making an adaptation period unnecessary and guaranteeing the best-possible wearer tolerance. This holds true not only if you require new frames, but even a new prescription. Enjoy a large selection of eyeglass frames – ranging from the exotic to the exclusive. And don't forget: seeing better means looking better. These lenses are perfect for all those who love changing their look.

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Superb and FaceFit Technology – ensuring optimum vision by incorporating the wearer's facial anatomy.

Different basic factors affect wearer tolerance and the quality of progressive glasses. One factor is ensuring the harmonious interplay between the frames, and lens and the wearer. Not to mention pupillary distance (PD), facial shape and posture – no two people are the same, making it even more important to incorporate the wearer's facial anatomy when producing a pair of progressive glasses. How does the wearer look through the glass? What is the person's PD? How do the glasses sit on the nose? Behind the ears? Through a computer-guided, precise fitting using ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Superb and FaceFit Technology, the potential performance of a pair of progressive glasses is further optimised – improving vision in poor light and ensuring the best-possible 3D vision.

ZEISS Progressive Lens Individual 2, IndividualFit® and Luminance Design® Technology

The best solution for anyone who wears progressive glasses. ZEISS Progressive Lens Individual 2 and IndividualFit® including Luminance Design® Technology are fitted perfectly to both the wearer's anatomy and their lifestyle. Our hobbies and job dictate how we see in everyday life and determine what the lens design must be able to do. An athlete has different visual habits than an architect or a policeman, for example. ZEISS IndividualFit® Technology accommodates this condition and also incorporates all the aforementioned technologies into the wearer's everyday visual profile: what is their predominant visual distance? does the wearer's vision switch more often from near to far or between the near and intermediate zones?

On top of this, the amount of light changes over the course of the day and consequently the size of our pupils does as well. Luminance Design® Technology accommodates the different pupil diameter in the lens, which changes depending on brightness. In addition to clarity, this increases contrast and reduces the usual distortions along the edge common to traditional progressive lenses. The result: the best-possible progressive lens design thanks to cutting-edge technology and a thorough consultation with your optician – including outstanding night vision and unprecedented visual comfort during the day.

Additional options

Turn your progressive glasses into a pair of sunglasses featuring glare and UV protection. Perfect for the summer.

Glasses for every situation: progressive lenses with self-tinting lenses. Going from untinted to tinted in record time.

Progressive lenses ensure improved vision at night and in poor light as well as increased contrast and colour perception in daylight.

Progressive lenses with specially optimised vision zones for greater safety and comfort when driving.

Progressive lenses for athletes – perfect protection and optimum vision, even in the peripheral zones, with this wrapped sports eyewear.