New - ZEISS EnergizeMe Eyeglass Lenses

The first eyeglass lenses exclusively developed for contact lens wearers.

It's time to refresh contact lens wearers' eyes! Wearers of contacts simply can't avoid occasionally wearing glasses, so ZEISS studied what they need when it comes to glasses. Did you know that many of them actually like wearing glasses and that they want a refreshing solution after removing their contacts ? 65% of contact lens wearers report they enjoy wearing glasses, especially for reading, watching TV, or using a tablet.1) This means contact lens wearers are more than ready for a better vision solution when it comes to eyeglass lenses. The new 'Generation &' doesn't choose between contacts or glasses – they opt for both.

Contact lens discomfort can increase the irritation your patients feel when they wear their contacts for long hours. Furthermore, the intense use of digital devices influences our modern visual habits, tiring the eyes more quickly. This effect is pronounced in contact lens wearers: shifting focus from near to far and back again and staring intently at a fixed distance while blinking less frequently reduces the eyes' oxygen supply.3) 4)

Using the results of the study conducted with contact lens wearers1), ZEISS developed an innovative, one-of-a-kind eyeglass lens solution which is specially designed to perfectly address the vision needs of your contact lens patients: ZEISS EnergizeMe Eyeglass Lenses.

This is more than just a standard eyeglass lens: the unique new eyeglass lens technology designed specifically for contact wearers, combined with a high quality coating, helps tired eyes to relax and prevents eye strain caused by digital devices.

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With a unique combination of a new lens design, innovative technology and a high-quality coating, ZEISS EnergizeMe Eyeglass Lenses perfectly address the vision needs of contact lens wearers.

Address all the vision needs of your contact lens patients by offering ZEISS EnergizeMe Eyeglass Lenses. They are a unique combination of:

  • ZEISS EnergizeMe Design  – a new lens design for a wide field of view and comfortable vision
  • ZEISS Digital Inside Technology – an innovative technology for a sharp, relaxed vision
  • ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect – a high-quality coating to reduce digital eye strain  

Benefits for the wearer

  • Relaxes tired eyes
  • Reduces digital eye strain
  • Ensures clear and sharp vision

Wearers are very satisfied with ZEISS EnergizeMe Eyeglass Lenses

9 out of 10 testers feel refreshed and have reduced digital eye strain
9 out of 10 testers feel refreshed and have reduced digital eye strain with ZEISS EnergizeMe lenses.2)

Wearers are very satisfied with ZEISS EnergizeMe Eyeglass Lenses

Almost 2 out of 3 testers prefer ZEISS EnergizeMe lenses over other eyeglass lenses.
Almost 2 out of 3 testers prefer ZEISS EnergizeMe lenses over other eyeglass lenses.2)

Wearers are very satisfied with ZEISS EnergizeMe Eyeglass Lenses

8 out of 10 would buy<br>ZEISS EnergizeMe.
8 out of 10 would buy ZEISS EnergizeMe.2)

The benefits for you

85% of eye care professionals intend to recommend ZEISS EnergizeMe Spectacle Lenses to their contact lens patients.1)

Javier Cantó

Javier Cantó, from an optician's store Claravision in Valencia2)

The product allows us to have an added value in sales and thus also adds value to our business.

Jorge Faubuel

Jorge Faubuel, from an optician's store Gran Optica in Madrid2)

It provides me with the possibility to offer my customers a really innovative solution.

Maria Jose

Maria Jose, from an optician's store Optica Mirasierra in Madrid2)

I had never expected contact lens wearers to have special needs, but now there is a new product which has been specially designed for them.

Pilar Serrano

Pilar Serrano, from an optician's store Ulloa in Madrid2)

The spectacle lenses improve the quality of the wearer's vision right from the very first moment.

ZEISS EnergizeMe Design

ZEISS lens designers created a special design


ZEISS lens designers created a special design adapted to the specific vision patterns of contact lens wearers, reducing eye strain after taking out their contacts.

Special design reflects the wearer's typical visual behavior


  • This special design offers wide, clear viewing zones and more comfortable vision after contact lens wear.


ZEISS Digital Inside Technology

ZEISS Digital Inside Technology


This technology has been specially developed to optimize the lens design for reading distances of conventional print media (38 cm) and digital devices (35 cm), helping to avoid further eye strain.

ZEISS Digital Inside Technology


  • Sharp, strain-free vision
  • Easy re-focusing from a digital device to the world around and back again

ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect

ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect


This coating helps to reduce perceived digital glare and to prevent further eye strain caused by the blue light emitted by digital screens and artificial lighting. The coating plays an essential role, as it reduces the transmission of high-energy visible light into the eyes, in contrast to standard premium anti-reflective coatings.

ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect


  • Reduced glare
  • More relaxed vision with digital devices 

Product Availability

ZEISS EnergizeMe
Single Vision

For patients in their 20s and early 30s

ZEISS EnergizeMe Single Vision Lenses use a small addition of 0.40 D to help tired contact lens wearers’ eyes relax. Together with the innovative ZEISS Digital Inside Technology and ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect coating, they prevent eye strain while providing comfortable vision after contact lens wear, especially when viewing digital devices.

ZEISS EnergizeMe

For patients in their 30s and early 40s

ZEISS EnergizeMe Digital Lenses are the perfect solution for patients in the age group between single vision and progressive lenses, and whose eyes need more relaxation. EnergizeMe Digital Lenses have an addition of 0.65 D. With the power of Digital Inside Technology and DuraVision BlueProtect, eye strain is prevented, leading to refreshed eyes after wearing contact lenses and when viewing digital devices.

ZEISS EnergizeMe

For patients in their 40s and

ZEISS EnergizeMe Progressive Lenses were developed to adapt to the visual behavior of presbyopic contact lens wearers, who are used to moving their eyes rather than their heads when focusing. Providing a balanced reading zone and a seamless distribution of power across the progressive lens assures a relaxed vision experience. ZEISS Digital Inside Technology and DuraVision BlueProtect offer additional support for viewing digital devices comfortably.

ZEISS EnergizeMe Clear Tinted PhotoFusion Transitions® Polarized

Plastic 1.74   





Plastic 1.67

Plastic 1.6 

Plastic 1.5





Polarized lenses may reduce the visibility of images produced by certain LCD/LED screens. Therefore please check visibility before usage with digital devices. Please find detailed information in the ZEISS price list.


Recommended & standard fitting height   

ZEISS EnergizeMe Single Vision

16 mm

ZEISS EnergizeMe Digital

  14 mm  

ZEISS EnergizeMe Progressive

14, 16, 18 mm

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