ZEISS provides a broad spectrum of progressive lenses for better vision.

Whatever our eyes need in today’s world - ZEISS provides the right progressive lenses solution.

New technology affects our lives every day, and places new demands on our eyes and vision. The new ZEISS Precision portfolio is designed with our fast-changing, increasingly digital world in mind, producing eyewear that delivers sharper, clearer, more precise vision than ever. ZEISS combines precision technologies with advanced personalization to meet the unique visual demands that patients face today. 

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1// Digital devices - viewed throughout the day

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Pure

Optimized for vision demands

Digital devices are challenging our daily life
  • Digital devices require a higher, closer reading distance than books or other print media
  • Fast and dynamic eye movements from near to far and back are more frequent  
ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Pure
  • Digital Inside® Technology
  • Pure vision with enhanced performance for the digital world  

2// Frames - styles and shapes constantly changing

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Plus

Optimized for vision demands + frame

Fashion trends are constantly evolving
  • Frame styles range from small to large in a variety of shapes
  • Not all progressive lenses work well in all frame shapes and sizes
ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Plus
  • FrameFit®+ Technology
  • Precision optics with any frame.

3// Trend: Technology that matches our anatomy

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Superb

Optimised for the eyes + frame + face

Technology that matches our anatomy
  • Facial anatomy can affect the vision experience through a progressive lens
  • Advanced ZEISS technology allows lenses to be optimized for the unique interface between the patient’s frame style and personal anatomy to provide optimum visual performance  
ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Superb
  • FaceAdapt Technology
  • Custom-fit to every face and frame

4// Personalization - increasingly expected by consumers

ZEISS Progressive Lens Individual 2

Optimized for vision demands + frame + face + activity

Individual activities call for tailor-made solutions
  • Consumers prefer products that are personalized to their lifestyle; a capability now available in progressive lenses
  • ZEISS technology allows the lens to be designed based on the patient’s visual priorities for a truly personalized vision experience
ZEISS Progressive Lens Individual 2
  • IndividualFit® & Luminance Design® Technology
  • Tailor-made to fit the individual’s daily visual priorities

All ZEISS Progressive Lenses are powered by Precision Technology.

ZEISS Precision Technology is divided into three pillars:

1// Clear Optics

ZEISS Precision

Clear vision by designing and manufacturing progressive lenses based on millions of eye and lens measurements from actual eyeglass wearers, precise, point-by-point lens calculation, and patented freeform production methods.

2// Dynamic Optics

ZEISS Design Philosophy

Outstanding binocular vision in any direction, and fast refocusing in any distance and direction.

3// Thin Optics

ZEISS Lens Aesthetics

The thinnest, flattest lenses possible in any material without compromising optics.


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ZEISS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eyeglass lenses, and is committed to delivering maximum precision and comfort. ZEISS designs and produces lenses, instruments and measurement systems, as well as retail concepts and technology services that continue to raise the bar in vision care.

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