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Offer your customers cleaning solutions for eyeglass lenses, sunglasses, goggles and camera lenses to ensure safe and effective cleaning.

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Safe, effective cleaning and anti-fog products for eyeglass lenses.

Wipes for cleaning eyeglass lenses

Cleaning eyeglass lenses is quick, easy and easy with ZEISS pre-moistened wipes. These wipes are specially designed for gentle cleaning of mineral and plastic eyeglass lenses when on the move. They are particularly effective in removing stains, dirt, grease and fingerprints from high-precision lenses with a surface treatment. 

For those who prefer to use a separate cloth, we recommend ZEISS eyeglass lens cleaning spray.

  • ZEISS glass wipes
  • Spray for cleaning ZEISS eyeglass lenses

AntiFOG Kit

ZEISS AntiFOG Kit is a convenient anti-fog spray and cloth which, when used together, can ensure clearer, more comfortable vision, even when wearing a mask

  • ZEISS AntiFog Kit - Spray and Cloth

Keep your glasses clean while avoiding fogging.

Surfaces such as the lenses of prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and digital screens are often manipulated, so that a lot of dirt can accumulate on them. Customers are looking for safe and effective hygiene routines for their eyeglasses and digital devices.

In addition, some customers may complain that their eyeglasses gets fogged up, especially since wearing a mask has become the norm.

Wipes for cleaning ZEISS eyeglass lenses.

The range of ZEISS cleaning solutions includes easy-to-use lens wipes as well as sprays for efficient cleaning and the removal of germs, dirt and impurities on those objects that we handle so often: eyeglass lenses. ZEISS pre-moistened lens wipes have been specially developed for gentle and effective cleaning of mineral and plastic lenses and are particularly effective for high-quality precision lenses with surface treatment.

With ZEISS anti-fog spray, no more foggy glasses.

It is difficult to see well and to go about your daily tasks with eyeglass lenses that keep fogging up. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: ZEISS eyeglass lens cleaning products also include an anti-fog kit - a practical and easy-to-use solution that prevents fogging for up to 72 hours.

Quality tested

ZEISS lens cleaning products have been extensively tested by COLTS, an independent laboratory. Our ZEISS Lens Wipes have been awarded the COLTS seal as a mark of quality and effectiveness.

It also confirms that our products provide safe and gentle cleaning for high-performance optical lenses.

ZEISS Lens Cleaning Products

Improved health and hygiene

Washing your hands is a proven technique for maintaining good hygiene and stopping the spread of germs, but it's not the only preventative measure you should take. Cleaning items that you handle regularly, like your eyeglasses and digital devices, should also be part of your daily hygiene routine.

In 2018, the University of Furtwangen, Germany, conducted a study to determine the level of bacteria on prescription glasses and analyze the effectiveness of four different cleaning solutions in reducing microbial loads. They tested wet wipes (alcohol-based and alcohol-free), dry cloths and microfiber cloths for cleaning eyeglass lenses.

The results of the study were as follows:

  • All prescription glasses are contaminated with bacteria, including potentially pathogenic germs, and should therefore be considered as vectors of potential infections.
  • Among the four methods tested, it is the wet wipes for cleaning eyeglass lenses that eliminate the most germs (with an average reduction ≥ 99%).
  • Cleaning with dry cloths and microfibres has been shown to be the least effective in reducing bacteria levels.

Wet cleaning with a wipe for cleaning eyeglass lenses is therefore more effective than a simple mechanical cleaning with dry cloths.

How to clean eyeglass lenses with ZEISS Lens Wipes.

  • Open a bag of ZEISS lens wipes and take out the folded wipe.
  • Hold the frame gently by the frame front.
  • Using the folded wipe, gently wipe the surface of the lenses and frame to remove dust.
  • Then, unfold the lens wipe and clean the surface of the eyeglasses in a circular motion until it is clean.

How to clean eyeglass lenses with ZEISS Lens Cleaning Spray.

  • Hold the frame gently by the frame front.
  • Spray the ZEISS cleaning spray on the surface of the lenses.
  • Using a microfibre cloth, gently wipe the surface of the lenses and frame to remove dust.
  • Continue in circular motion until the eyeglasses are clean.
AntiFog Kit

How to use the AntiFog Kit.

  • To ensure that the ZEISS Anti-Fog Kit works optimally, please first clean the lenses with ZEISS Eyeglass Cleaning Spray or Lens Wipes to remove any dust or dirt.
  • Spray 1 or 2 doses of anti-fog spray directly on the lenses.
  • With the cloth, rub the lenses on both sides evenly, until the surface is completely dry.
  • Apply a new coat of anti-fog every 72 hours to ensure optimal performance.

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