Sunglasses collection

ZEISS EYEWEAR frames are manufactured and distributed exclusively by STEPPER. The idea is to create a range of the finest quality men’s and women’s frames constructed from the best materials to reflect the precision, the excellence and the perfect individualized fit of ZEISS optical and sunglass lenses.

Innovative and technically advanced manufacturing knowledge and processes by STEPPER ensure ZEISS EYEWEAR frames are constructed to the highest standards - VISION DEFINED.

Combining the comfort of a stylish, well-fitting frame with the protection and optical clarity of ZEISS Plano or prescription lenses to provide reliable protection against UV radiation.

Lens color and finishes as supplied are selected to best suit the colourway of the model.

All models come with a choice of lenses two lens types:

  • Polarized ZEISS plano sunglass lenses option these make the finest quality non-prescription sunglasses, ensuring that you enjoy superb, clear vision and 100% protection against UV rays.
  • Alternatively, they can be supplied with “showroom“ display tinted ZEISS lenses to allow for ZEISS prescription sunglasses lenses to be glazed.

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All models come with a choice of lenses two lens types.