ZEISS PhotoFusion

Switching glasses is a thing of the past.

PhotoFusion was created by ZEISS Vision Care experts because consumers wanted self-tinting lenses that darken and turn clear faster1.

The introduction of PhotoFusion revived the self-tinting lens market. These lenses offer a genuine improvement in comfort for wearers, and give you a great selling point for optical consultations.

The self-tinting lenses that react fast to changing light.

A state-of-the-art technology with amazing performance

Fast dark. Fast clear.

ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses adapt quickly to changing light conditons. They darken very fast and fade back to clear up to 2 times faster than previous photochromic lenses from ZEISS4

  • Lenses darken to 16 %T in 15–30 seconds1
  • Lenses fade back to 70 % T in 3-8 minutes1


Comfortable Vision.

Indoors the PhotoFusion lenses are very clear, but outside they turn very dark in the sunlight.

  • Clear state: 93% T2
  • dark state: 11% T2

Benefits for the wearer

  • Durability
    ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses retain their performance – for long-lasting satisfaction.
    • Retention of strong self-tinting performance

  • Color consistency
    ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses demonstrate excellent color consistency – for natural sight.
    • They ensure an attractive appearance when going from outside to indoors or vice versa

  • UV Protection
    ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses provide full UV protection when exposed to UV.
    • Full UV protection against solar UV rays up to 400nm when exposed to UV

  • Blue Light Protection
    • Blocking at least 20% (31% for Extra Grey) of potentially harmful blue light indoors, which is more than 2 times more than standard clear lenses, and they block close to 90%3 outdoors

More color choices, same great performance.

Great clarity indoors – very dark when activated.1

Great clarity indoors – very dark when activated.
Grey Brown
Extra Grey
Pioneer Green

The preferred color of self-tinting lenses around the

Favored by many wearers for enhanced contrast and reduced glare.

Another choice in grey - extra dark in all
situations, even in warm climates.

Gives the appearance of the classic grey-green sunlens tint when activated.

A new color choice that adds excitement to the range of photochromic lens hues.

Clear state min. absorption

Clear state min. absorption 

Clear state min. absorption 

Clear state min. absorption 

Clear state min. absorption 

Dark state max. absorption 

Dark state max. absorption 

Dark state max. absorption 

Dark state max. absorption 

Dark state max. absorption 

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