Abstract: Enforced Partition

1945 Partial destruction of the Jena factory during the war. US troops take 126 management staff and scientists with them to their occupation zone
1946 In the newly founded firm "Optische Werke Oberkochen" – later to become Carl Zeiss – the deported managers continue to operate the foundation enterprise
1948 Expropriation of the Zeiss and Schott factories of the Carl Zeiss Foundation in Jena. Both become state-owned enterprises: VEB (people’s enterprise) Carl Zeiss JENA and VEB Jenaer Glaswerk
1949 Heidenheim becomes the legal domicile of the Carl Zeiss Foundation. The Zeiss companies in the East and West develop into technology leaders in optics in their respective hemispheres
1965 VEB Carl Zeiss JENA becomes the leading enterprise for precision mechanical and optical products in East Germany. Introduction of combine formation
1971 London agreement between the two companies governing the use of names and trademarks containing the component "Zeiss"