Abstract: The 21st Century

1998 Carl Zeiss is one of the world’s leading optics companies in the fields of microscopy and industrial metrology, high-performance lenses for microchip fabrication, surgical microscopes and instruments for ophthalmic diagnosis and therapy.
2000 Originally consisting of 26 individual divisions, the Carl Zeiss Group focuses its business on four growth markets: Semiconductor technology and microelectronics, life sciences, eye care, industrial metrology.
2000 Carl Zeiss invests in the future-oriented field of semiconductor technology. With the new factory for optical lithography systems, the most modern in Europe, Carl Zeiss sets new standards at the Oberkochen location. On a surface area measuring around 45,000 square metres, about 1,000 people will be employed in this factory in the future.
2001 From October, the Semiconductor Technology Group operates as an independent enterprise with the name Carl Zeiss SMT AG.
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG – the result of a merger between the Ophthalmology Division and the firm Asclepion-Meditec AG – is the first publicly listed company in the Carl Zeiss Group.
The Carl Zeiss Board of Management presents the new global corporate vision to employees and the public. It is the basis of the new strategic orientation of the company. The message inherent in the new vision is conveyed by the slogan "We make it visible."
The "Innovation Days" take place for the first time in Göttingen. In the future, this event will be held on a regular basis as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among scientists and engineers within the Carl Zeiss Group.
2004 Carl Zeiss retroactively becomes a stock corporation on 1 October 2003. The revised foundation statute comes into effect at the same time. The Carl Zeiss Foundation remains the sole shareholder of the company.
2005 The Eyeglass Division merges with the US company SOLA to form a leading global supplier of spectacle lenses.
Official inauguration of the new plant of Carl Zeiss SMT AG, the world’ most modern development and production centre for lithography optics.