Better vision with ZEISS: a historical retrospective.

For 100 years, ZEISS has stood for better vision. Building upon the optical expertise of the company, which was founded in 1846, ZEISS succeeded in 1912 in applying its expertise to eyeglass lenses. Punktal® – the first ZEISS precision eyeglass lens – was born. Although we take it for granted today, at the time it was a true revolution. Punktal® made it possible to see with high visual acuity even when not looking straight ahead. Previously, eyeglass wearers had to turn their heads to compensate for the blurry vision that occurred when looking through the edge of the eyeglass lens. Punktal® offered a significant vision improvement in this respect.

Even today, Carl Zeiss remains committed to ensuring optimal vision. Each eye is as individual as a fingerprint. That's why Carl Zeiss offers customized vision solutions and high-quality eyeglass lenses – and has done so for 100 years.