And suddenly you see more – even at night and in low light

ZEISS introduces a new lens concept for better vision: enjoy clearer, high-contrast vision at night and in low light

Improved night vision: Many people who wear these eyeglasses wouldn’t dream of being without them in the future. They have decided to go with ZEISS precision lenses featuring i.Scription® technology. Carl Zeiss Vision’s i.Scription® is a technology developed by the leader in prescription lenses that analyzes the individual profile of each eye and takes the information gathered into account in both the computation and production of the eyeglasslenses. For the user, this can mean an entirely new quality of vision – especially at night. People who wear these lenses experience much clearer and super-sharp vision at night; they also perceive contrasts and colors more intensely. 

And suddenly you see more – even at night and in low light

Better vision at night and in low light. When your eyes are confronted by light sources at night, you often see starbursts and halos. i.Scription® reduces these effects considerably – increasing your road safety at night.

One glance at automotive accident statistics reveals this fact: Although only 20 percent of all cars are operated on public roadways in Germany in the dark, 40 percent of all serious accidents occur at night (Source: German Federal Statistical Office).

Because of poor vision conditions, the risk of having a traffic accident is at its highest level at night: Starbursts, reflections, mirror images, limited vision, low contrasts and general adverse visual conditions irritate and fatigue the eyes and the human sensory system overall.

These limitations not only increase the risk of accidents, they also have a negative impact on your quality of life. They can make you feel handicapped and insecure, and make it tough for you to drive at night or enjoy night-time outdoor activities during the seasons when the days are shorter.

ZEISS precision eyeglass lenses and i.Scription® will enhance your vision and your life

Every eye is as unique as every human finger print. A new patented procedure developed by ZEISS - i.Scription® - takes this individuality into account. In addition to the typical vision conditions, such as near- or far-sightedness, ZEISS i.Profiler® also analyzes the individual eye profile. Every person’s profile is one-of-a-kind. The ZEISS i.Profiler® is a special, innovative eye examination device based on wave front technology.

During the process, more than 1500 reference points are measured, even though the patient only has to look briefly into the devices. It is a high-tech solution for the eye: Harnessing the powers of infrared light, the ZEISS i.Profiler® generates a light point on the retina, which is returned diffused. On the way back, the light is subject to individual deviations. The ZEISS i.Profiler® measures these deviations to compose a custom profile for every eye.

Unlike conventional autorefraction meters, the i.Profiler® enables eye care professionals to take measurements of dilated pupils under night-time vision conditions as well. As a result, vision problems that have a considerable impact on the quality of a person’s night vision can also be recognized and corrected. You as the patient will receive information about your vision that was not available in the past.

i.Profiler® - special ZEISS eye analysis equipment based on cutting-edge wavefront technology

A complex and patented computation process is used to translate the analyzed data along with the subjective refraction data into information that results in the production of precision eyeglass lenses that perfectly match your eyes and your individual vision challenges. Based on these highly precise ZEISS measurements and calculations, these lenses are manufactured in 1/100 dioptric increments.

Conventional eyeglasses, on the other hand, are usually produced in increments of 0.25 diopters. Thus, the ZEISS solution is more precise than any other measuring process for lenses available today.

Carl Zeiss Vision‘s i.Scription® system consists of three components: the innovative eye measuring device i.Profiler® by ZEISS (see photo), the optimization technology i.Scription® – and last, but not least, the services provided by your eye care professional.

How you will benefit

You will quickly begin to appreciate the benefits of i.Scription® optimized lenses when you discover how much better you can see at night and under twilight conditions – i.e., during those times of the day when your eyes have to recognize people, objects and your surroundings in the presence of very little or no natural light.

Under these already adverse conditions, every vision problem you already have is magnified by a lens made for daylight use only. Combined with the additional blinding effects and reflections caused by artificial light sources at night, such as street lamps or the headlights of vehicles coming toward the driver, all of these conditions pose obstacles and are stressful for the eyes. This causes the eyes to fatigue rapidly, which is dangerous especially for those who have to drive at night.

However, precision eyeglass lenses featuring i.Scription® technology can also improve your daytime vision. You will enjoy the absolutely clear and super-precise focus, perfect contrast and more brilliant colors these lenses deliver.

Your ZEISS eye care professional will be pleased to show you how the i.Scription® technology works and how you can enjoy better vision – even at night – thanks to ZEISS precision lenses.

Feedback from an i.Scription® lens user

Every single day, people around the world who wear glasses and have already switched to ZEISS precision eyeglass lenses express their enthusiasm about the fact that they have been able to completely overcome their visual restrictions. Numerous customer surveys reveal the high satisfaction level of patients who wear i.Scription® lenses:


Juliane B.:
"I can only recommend that you make the switch as well. I' ve been wearing glasses for 12 years  – and i.Scription® became available only recently. I also never owned a pair of glasses with ZEISS lenses prior to these. Anyone who can afford it should invest the money in these lenses. They make such a huge difference that it is hard to even believe it, much less describe it. As for me, I’ll never wear any lenses other than lenses made by ZEISS again, and I recommend i. Scription® for everyone. "


By the way: Several tests during which users wore i.Scription® lenses confirmed – among other things - that the wearers enjoyed improved contrast sensitivity. i.Scription® is a ZEISS patented innovation.