See the world in living color!

ZEISS' colored lenses really set the mood

Choosing the right eyeglasses is a personal process. This applies not only to frames, but also to the color of the prescription lenses. People have always worn slightly colored lenses with hints of grey, blue or brown, but what about spicy red, sweet violet and pretty pink? These bright trendy colors give you fascinating insights and views – with the ZEISS color range for prescription eyeglass lenses. 

Colors have an immense influence on our mood and thoughts. This has now been scientifically proven. German universal genius and author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe took an in-depth look at this topic over 200 years ago in his theory of colors. His recommendation: "Look at a blue circle for a time, and then the liberated eye will seem enlightened as by the sun, even if the day is gray and the surroundings are autumnally colorless." Goethe would definitely have chosen eyeglasses with colored lenses made by ZEISS – with either a single color, a graduated tint or a trendy bicolor version. He would have been a fashion icon too.

Choosing the right colored lenses

See the world in living color!

If you want to follow Goethe's recommendations, you can ask your eye care professional to show you the various tints. Talk to him about when you primarily intend to use the colored lenses - as sunglasses, daily or only for special occasions. Then ask the question that may be more difficult to answer: which color to choose? ZEISS' new color range includes a first-class premium selection: black, brown, grey, grey-green, blue and rose for single color lenses; black, brown, gray, gray-green, blue and gray-blue for graduated tints; and pistachio, cinnamon, stone and denim bluefor the bicolor lenses. There are also trendy fashion colors. As fascinating as these vibrant colors are, unless you plan to own more than one pair of glasses, less is more when it comes to color. You should also choose a light tint if you plan to wear your glasses frequently or for extended periods. The eyes' sensitivity to light also plays a part when choosing colored lenses. It is also important for people to still see your eyes clearly. The best thing to do is go to your eye care professional in your favorite outfit, which will help them assist you in finding the perfect color and tint. When choosing colors, women should apply their usual eye make-up and choose the tint accordingly. You should also consider which clothes you wear often. This makes it easier for your eye care professional to coordinate the color choice of the prescription eyeglass lens tint from their collection.

Leisure-time fashion or business eyeglasses?

There is one other important aspect to consider when choosing a color: are the eyeglasses for private use only or are they part of your career plans? If you wear glasses at work, your choice will of course depend on the industry. For models or designers, the colors can't be loud enough. However, if you plan to sell shares or insurance, pink prescription lenses could be misunderstood. After all, color has an external effect, too. Gray and brown make a conservative, relaxed impression, while violet epitomizes creativity, innovation and self-confidence. Some compromises are required for work, but you can show your true colors and highlight your personality in your free time. Yellow and orange lenses suit cheerful people, red is ideal for active individuals, while green and blue are perfect for relaxed, friendly characters. Fans of pink and purple are full of ideas. Gray and brown prescription eyeglass lenses appear rather conservative and often even boring.

However, we have to make one restriction here: not all colored lenses are suitable for driving. Your eye care professional will advise you in detail.

Do you want your color to be unique?

Do you want your color to be unique?

Do you want even more individuality? Then have the color mixed just for you. You can give your eye care professional an item of clothing - maybe what you wore to your wedding - or an accessory, and they will make the ZEISS color prescription lenses to match it. You will then receive something very unique. With the new and modern range of colors, which focuses on the latest styles and trends, almost any lens color is possible. ZEISS has also optimized the variety of materials for prescription eyeglass lenses. With the new extended and global standard color range, almost every customer request and requirement can be fulfilled.

This also applies to prescription eyeglass lenses without optical power. If a consumer falls in love with a certain frame, but does not like the prescription lenses, the eye care professional can use the ZEISS color range to add more color to your life.

Five at once

Here are five more convincing reasons why you should color your single vision, multifocal or progressive lenses. First, tints can increase contrast; second, tinted lenses reduce the impact of bright artificial light; third, they help you see even the smallest details better; fourth, they increase visual comfort. And last but not least, colored lenses just look great and make every simple outfit into an individual look.

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