The Benefits of i.Scription® Lenses – An Interview with Project Manager Lars Mendel

A peek behind the scenes at Carl Zeiss Vision

The development of i.Scription® and the i.Profiler® marked the latest innovation milestones in the production of lenses. i.Scription® is aimed at delivering a new quality of vision. In this interview with Lars Mendel, i.Scription® Project Manager, we take a look behind the scenes at Carl Zeiss Vision.

Interview with Lars Mendel, i.Scription® Project Manager at Carl Zeiss Vision

Interview with Lars Mendel, i.Scription® Project Manager at Carl Zeiss Vision

BETTER VISION: Mr. Mendel, does the launch of i.Scription® go hand in hand with the introduction of a new level of vision quality for everyone? Or let me put it differently: Will the special benefits of i.Scription® soon make this quality of lens the only one available on the market?

Lars Mendel: The first part of the question deserves a definitive yes. A new standard has certainly been set. The i.Scription® lens optimization solution provides us with a tool that offers better vision for all. Our experience has shown that for instance many customers who already had prescription glasses but only used them in emergencies are now convinced that it is a good idea to wear them all the time. i.Scription® creates a visual impression that is better all around and makes it easier to feel comfortable wearing glasses the first time you put them on.

As for the second part of your question – it would be mere speculation to say that this will be the only lens type available in the future. In any event, we are confident that i.Scription® will secure widespread distribution very rapidly thanks to the benefits patients will experience.

The continued optimization of lenses also raises the bar for eye care professionals. Does this not also come with the inherent risk that the product features will only be used inadequately in some cases?

Lars Mendel: To get straight to the point: High-tech eye care requires special qualifications. Professionals in the field will need high tech training and equipment. Carl Zeiss Vision has specifically worked toward giving eye care professionals these special consulting qualifications. This is why the Relaxed Vision Centers, which are equipped with tools such as video centering devices, have been established. They provide another building block that supports eye care professionals throughout the entire consulting and adjustment process. Consequently, we now have everything in place that eye care professionals will need to adjust even the most advanced and complex products.

BETTER VISION: Is i.Scription® indeed the perfect solution for everyone who wears glasses – including customers who only use half glasses?

Lars Mendel: Those who need glasses only for up-close applications are actually the exception to the rule. The principle of wavefront auto-refraction was designed for viewing objects that are located at greater distances. Close-up applications are subject to different conditions. However, half glasses play a less and less significant role given that progressive addition lenses offer a much better alternative.

BETTER VISION: Thank you very much for this interview.