PureCoat PLUS

as a standard lens coating, e.g. for your reading glasses

BETTER: DuraVision® Silver

for eyeglass wearers who want to enjoy good vision and a good appearance

BEST: DuraVision® Platinum

for wearers who demand the utmost from their glasses


ZEISS lens coatings for all requirements

Take your pick!

Lens coatings are like finding the right coat to match the perfect dress or suit: they provide everyday protection for your eyeglasses. A modular system which allows you to choose what you want – to ensure that you receive the right lenses to match your appearance, meet your requirements and provide the kind of performance you expect from your glasses. ZEISS therefore offers three options for its lens coatings: GOOD, BETTER and BEST.

The R&D Department at ZEISS has conducted detailed research into what eyeglass wearers expect from the performance of their lenses. If glasses wearers were asked what properties of lens coatings they value most, 7 out of 10 cite scratch resistance and durability as the most important for them. This is not surprising in view of the many challenges confronting our eyeglasses in everyday life.

And, of course, crystal-clear vision, an attractive appearance and optimal cleaning properties are no less important.

What modern lenses must offer:

Easy care

Choose DuraVision® Premium Coatings or PureCoat® PLUS: ... thanks to basic hardness, anti-static and easy-to-clean properties. 

Clearer vision and a better look

Choose DuraVision® Premium coatings:... thanks to 20% fewer irritating reflections (comparison with standard green AR-coated ZEISS lenses).

Superior hardness

Choose BEST, DuraVision® Platinum:... thanks to nine layers densely packed through ion bombardment.

Check for yourself: Which lens coating is the right one for your new glasses?

Level 1

1. Your new eyeglasses are intended as a second pair (reading glasses, substitute for contact lenses, etc.).
2. Your new glasses must be affordable.
3. You will not wear your new glasses very often.
4. The quality of the anti-reflective coating must be good, but not top of the range.
5. Your new eyeglasses are only a temporary solution and do not need to offer maximum service life and comfort.

Level 2

1. Your appearance with your new glasses is very important to you.
2. You find reflections very irritating.
3. You want to enjoy crystal-clear vision with no reflections on your lenses.
4. Your new glasses are intended for everyday use.
5. You want the most modern anti-reflective coating technology available today.

Level 3

1. Your new glasses are intended for everyday use and you will be totally reliant on them.
2. You expect your new glasses to stand up to your very active lifestyle.
3. You want the hardest lenses available from ZEISS.
4. You want a perfect appearance with your new glasses. The lenses must not display any reflections whatsoever – neither visible to you nor to others.
5. You want the most modern anti-reflective coating technology available today.  

If three or more of these statements apply to you, the standard lens coating would be sufficient for your needs.


If three or more of these statements apply to you, DuraVision® Silver would be a good choice for you.

If three or more of these statements apply to you, you should not make any compromises when purchasing your new glasses and opt for DuraVision® Platinum.


Which ZEISS lens coating can do what?

  • GOOD: PureCoat® PLUS

    PureCoat® PLUS: Your basic ZEISS coating

    The standard ZEISS lens coating offers you a package comprising:

    • basic hard coating
    • basic anti-reflective coating
    • CleanCoat and anti-static coating

    Imagine you are wearing a beautifully soft woolen sweater. Unfortunately, the fluff keeps sticking to your lenses. In your job, you often have to spend time in dusty rooms; afterwards, your lenses look like they have been in a desert storm. It starts to rain and you have no umbrella at hand. With the raindrops on your lenses, you can see next to nothing. All these are examples of situations which reveal the true performance of lens coatings.

    CleanCoat and anti-static coatings which are featured on all PureCoat® and DuraVision® Premium coatings by ZEISS make the lenses anti-static and water-repellent. A coating is available for eyeglass lenses that feature much the same lotus effect as the finish used on cars or other smooth surfaces, although a different technology is used. In lenses with a PureCoat® coating, the lens surface is smoothed to such an extent by the coating that dirt particles or droplets of water simply bead off it. The lenses are therefore easier to clean and require less frequent cleaning. Even greasy fingerprints can be effortlessly removed from the lens.

  • BETTER: DuraVision® Silver

    DuraVision® Silver: See better and look better

    DuraVision® Silver is one of the two DuraVision® Premium coatings from ZEISS. It offers you:

    • a hard coating
    • CleanCoat and anti-static coating
    • and one of the most modern anti-reflective coatings available.

    The DuraVision® Silver coating by ZEISS uses innovative coating technology that makes your lenses a real masterpiece of optics. Anti-reflective coatings normally have a greenish hue known as the residual reflection. You can see this if you hold the lens against a white surface, but you are not aware of it when you are actually wearing the lens. For technical reasons, every coated lens displays a residual reflection.

    The blue residual reflection seen on DuraVision® Premium Coatings from ZEISS is much more comfortable for the eyes, but also much more complex to produce.

    The key benefit: A blue residual reflection increases the light transmission of the lens, i.e., the amount of light reaching your eye. More light passes through the lens and more reflections are eliminated. DuraVision® Premium coatings by ZEISS guarantee more light transmission from the front to the back surface of the lens.

    For clearer vision

    Higher luminous transmittance for even clearer vision.*

    For clearer vision

    Reduces distracting reflections on the back surface by 20% for more comfortable, clearer vision.*

    For better appearance

    Reduces reflections on the front surface by 20% for a better appearance.*

    * Comparison with standard green AR-coated ZEISS lenses

  • BEST: DuraVision® Platinum

    The best of Premium coatings: DuraVision® Platinum by ZEISS.

    The hardest lenses ZEISS has ever made: the all-in-one coating by ZEISS.

    DuraVision® Platinum offers you everything that DuraVision Silver can – and more besides!

    As we said before: When eyeglass wearers were asked what properties of lens coatings they value most, 7 out of 10 cited scratch resistance and durability as the most important for them. This is not surprising in view of the many challenges that await us in our everyday lives.

    Eyeglass lenses must be able to stand up to the rigors of modern life and be hard enough to overcome the many challenges we face at work and in our leisure time. They must be robust, dirt-repellent and easy to clean and, of course, they must also provide crystal-clear vision. The answer: DuraVision® Platinum, the all-in-one coating from ZEISS. It is the hardest coating ZEISS has ever made!

    The secret behind the hardest eyeglass lenses: ion bombardment.

    In a process called “ion bombardment,” ions transfer their kinetic energy as they strike the surface of the eyeglass lens. This densely packs the different layers of the lens, making it much harder and its surface even smoother.

    Conventional technology

    Microscopic detail of an eyeglass lens with conventional technology. The lens layers are not densely packed.

    DuraVision® Platinum technology

    Microscopic detail of an eyeglass lens with DuraVision® Platinum technology. The lens layers are more densely packed.

    More details about DuraVision® Platinum

    More robust. Dirt-resistant. Easy to clean: The new innovative eyeglass lens coating from ZEISS makes it possible

    The hardest ZEISS eyeglass lenses of all times thanks to the new DuraVision® Platinum technology.


    Eyeglass lens coatings should ideally be able to do everything

    BETTER VISION interviews the Product Manager for DuraVision® Platinum, the most robust ZEISS eyeglass lens coating ever.


    1 ZEISS eyeglass lenses with DuraVision® Platinum technology in 1.67 compared to LotuTec® in 1.67; in the U.S. compared to Carat Advantage. Measured with the Bayer test and conducted using COLTS standard operating procedure and abrasive recommended by COLTS.

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