Perfect Vision for All Winter Sports Fans

ZEISS presents its new fashionable collection of snow goggles just in time for the winter season

Another year has gone by, and once again, the ski and snowboard season has begun! For any skier or snowboarder, snow goggles are just as important as being fast and having the right outfit. ZEISS is launching its new fashionable collection of branded snow goggles just in time for the start of the season. 

The sun is shining, the snow crunches underneath your skis, and the piste is to die for. Does thinking about this make you want to go out and finally conquer the first powdery slope, downhill piste or cross-country trail? If so, we have something for you; the new snow goggles from ZEISS. Snow goggles need to be sporty, robust, and look stylish. But they also have to offer excellent vision under extreme conditions, such as bright sunlight, glare or even falling snow on a gloomy day – even for those winter sports enthusiasts who wear glasses. ZEISS snow goggles meet all these requirements.

Perfect protection against UV rays

The sun's radiation is much stronger in snow and at mountain altitudes, and the reflection that can be produced by the snow intensifies this effect considerably. ZEISS snow goggles have been specially developed for alpine skiing and protect your eyes from the sun, snow and wind, and particularly against the particularly aggressive ultraviolet rays found in high mountain ranges. They provide 100 percent protection against solar UVA and UVB rays up to 380 nanometres.

The ZEISS collection – functional, sporty and fashionable all at once

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Whether you're on the piste or in open terrain, skiing with the family or attempting ambitious snowboarding, you're a racer or a freestyler; ZEISS snow goggles suit every winter sports enthusiast. They are available in three different designs, each with two types of reflective coating. You can choose between "Racer", for men and with polarising efficiency, "Ice Queen", for women in different models, and "Bowie", the unisex model with interchangeable lenses.

For the reflective coating, you can choose between Flash Electric and Multilayer. The Flash Electric reflective coating is designed to help wearers see bumps, icy surfaces or obstacles better in poor visibility conditions – for example, when it's snowing, sleeting, cloudy or dusky.
It is available in a range of different tints for high-contrast vision. Multilayer, on the other hand, features a multi-layer reflective coating, making it ideal for particularly bright conditions.

ZEISS SONAR is an innovative tint, especially developed by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens to improve vision in the snow, enhancing colors, brightness and contrasts in all light conditions, even at high speed. Unlike standard blue blocker filters, ZEISS Sonar displays a specific spectral curve that acts as a blue attenuator but still allows some blue light to reach the eye - between 380-500 nm - to identify irregularities in the snow like bumps and hollows. This all makes skiing and snowboarding safer.

This image is a simulation of the lens effect.

This image is a simulation of the lens effect.

In addition, the goggles are available with ZEISS Sonar and the men’s models with polarization filters. ZEISS Snow Goggle POL is a thermoformed roseé lens which provides:

  • Glare reduction from snow and icy surfaces
  • Optimized vision and visual comfort
  • Contrasts and details enhancement
  • Protection from sunlight

The clip insert – perfect vision for all eyeglass wearers

Eyeglass wearers can also enjoy more relaxed and comfortable vision with snow goggles. A clip insert for customised eyeglass lenses can be attached to ZEISS snow goggles in next to no time, ensuring perfect vision for every eyeglass wearer.

The ZEISS snow goggle collection is available at specialist opticians.

The ZEISS snow goggle collection

  • Models for men
  • Models for women
  • Interchangeable models

Note on care and cleaning:

Simply clean your ZEISS snow goggles using lukewarm water; if they are really dirty, use a neutral cleaning agent. Then rinse them quickly and allow them to dry. Do not use any organic solvents to clean your snow goggles. Caution: To avoid damaging the anti-fog coating or scratching the surface, do not wipe the inside of the lenses or dry or rub it excessively. Do not clean your snow goggles using wet cleaning wipes!



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