ZEISS Quality

Criteria that make ZEISS quality so special


Quality Management @ Carl Zeiss Vision

At Carl Zeiss Vision, quality management means more to us than perfect production of precision prescription spectacle lenses. The quality of our ZEISS products and services is not only guaranteed by the quality management system. Every one of our employees has a duty to ensure maximum ZEISS quality every day.


Only in this way does Carl Zeiss Vision provide products and services that exceed the high demands of consumers. A promise that is kept from day to day and ensured by continuous development processes.

The ZEISS guarantee certificate verifies to your customers that they have purchased a high quality product.

It contains, for example, the 7 criteria which are distinct traits of ZEISS quality:


  1. All main production sites of Carl Zeiss Vision are certified to ISO 9001:2008. In addition ZEISS fulfills European standards, proofed by the CE label on each lens packaging.
  2. Internal test specifications of ZEISS exceed the stipulations of the relevant standards.
  3. ZEISS can also provide lenses in very high or unusual prescriptions with a choice of different coatings.
  4. Your customers can be sure that lenses from ZEISS will continue to be available in the long term, ensuring that they also receive optimum lenses with time-tested quality for their eyes in the future.
  5. ZEISS ensures that lenses from ZEISS are fitted exclusively by selected opticians.
  6. The ZEISS quality promise is not only valid for lenses. To ensure quality, ZEISS also offers ZEISS consultation process products and services.
  7. ZEISS guarantees that the optical quality of our lenses is based on our 100 years experience as a precision leader in optics. Guaranteed by the "Z" mark on every lens as proof of superior ZEISS optics.