Exam & Refraction

The moment you have fewer questions and more answers for your patient.

This is the moment we work for.

 Autorefraction with the i.Profiler® plus

Autorefraction with the i.Profiler® plus

Fewer questions and more answers


Examination & Refraction

ZEISS instruments for precise generation of eye profiles and optimal eyeglass lens determination.

The eye is one of the most complex systems in the human body. The numerous elements within this system come together to build a whole where even the smallest imperfection of the lens leads to distortion.

Objective refraction reaches an new level with i.Profiler®plus, the first instrument based on innovative wavefront technology that precisely and objectively measures the vision profile of your patients – including highly dilated pupils to simulate night and twilight conditions. i.Profiler plus with i.Scription® technology is the second generation of autorefractors by ZEISS, following the i.Profiler® from 2007.

ZEISS instruments are designed to thoroughly examine your patient while providing them with a comfortable and technology-driven experience. The collected data will support you in providing your patient with a prescription that is as individual as their eyes, and profoundly different in terms of visual performance.



Autorefraction with the i.Profilerplus

The correct lenses can only be prescribed when you have enough information about your patient‘s eyes. Let i.Profilerplus provide you with a detailed visual profile so you can have more answers and fewer questions for your patient.

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ZEISS precision lenses with i.Scription technology

i.Profilerplus not only provides you with a better prescription, but also gives you access to an optimized, individualized lens solution with i.Scription technology for improved color and contrast vision as well as better night vision.

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