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i.Terminal® 2

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Lens Fitting & Consultation

Achieving the best vision possible is more than just an accurate prescription. It’s about individualized lens solutions and how the lenses are placed in the frame and on your patient’s face.

Digital centration systems represent a valuable alternative to standard manual lens centration. The technology behind these digital tools will actively deliver the level of innovation demanded by patients today.

Lens Fitting & Consultation

Manual measurement effectiveness is dependent on the skills of the person conducting the measurement.


Since 1992, when ZEISS launched the very first digital centration device, ZEISS has continued to stay up to date with successors like i.Terminal in 2004. This device was rated as the “top centration device in the market” in 20111.


Based on constant market feedback and the rise of advanced technology, the second and latest generation of our centration device, the i.Terminal 2 was launched in 2011 and features the new standards of technology to support eye care professionals in providing better vision.


Incorporate the latest ZEISS lens-fitting innovation in your practice and ensure a personalized lens for each face, frame and prescription. Enjoy additional benefits like streamlining your workflow and growing your share of customized lenses by employing i.Terminal 2 in your consultation process and implement a 21st century standard of care.




i.Terminal 2 – Another way to collect centration data

With i.Terminal 2, the latest ZEISS centration device, fitting parameters are captured digitally for advanced lens customization.

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i.Terminal mobile by ZEISS

Mobile centration is the new way to capture your patient’s individual parameters with ZEISS high precision technology.

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1 Source: US Survey in 2011 on digital centration with 1,786 eye care professionals.