ZEISS Progressive Lenses

ZEISS Digital Lens.

Millions suffer from Digital Eye Strain.

Mobile device use throughout the day creates visual demands that the eye isn’t made for - up to 70% of patients are already suffering from Digital Eye Strain.

ZEISS Digital Lenses
  • Design

    The frequent use of digital mobile devices is challenging on the human eye. In addition to reading devices at close range for several hours a day, the switching back and forth between near and far vision has increased considerably. This can lead to Digital Eye Strain symptoms such as blurred vision, tired or dry eyes and neck strain.
    Digital Eye Strain is now widespread, with the largest number of complaints coming from people well below presbyopic age.

    The solution for a digital world.

    Providing relief from Digital Eye Strain and comfortable all-day vision.

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    ZEISS Digital Lens is primarily designed for patients in the 25 to 45 age range who use their mobile phones and tablets throughout the day. It provides a wide, clear distance zone and comfortable near zone for stress-free viewing of digital screens. Designed for all-day wear, ZEISS Digital Lens is ideal for your single vision patients who suffer from Digital Eye Strain.

  • Benefits
    Benefits for the wearer

    Benefits for the wearer

    • Stress/strain-free digital viewing
    • Comfortable all-day vision
    • Relief from Digital Eye Strain
    • Wide material availability.
  • Details
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    Product features at a glance

    • Optimized lens design to support close-up vision for digital devices.
    • Large distance zone to match the visual profile of single vision wearers or patients who do not even wear glasses.
    • Variable near power based on the patient’s needs.
    • Rapid transition to the near power for natural eye movement when reading devices.
  • Product Availability
    ZEISS Digital Lens
    Transitions® Polarized
    1.74 Super High-Index

    1.67 High-Index  
    1.60 High-Index
    1.59 Polycarbonate (also available in Sport)
    1.53 Trivex (also available in Sport)
    1.50 Hard Resin
    (also available in Sport)

    Polarized lenses may reduce the visibility of images produced by certain LCD/LED screens. Therefore, please check visibility before usage with digital devices.

      Fitting height
    Variable 13 – 35mm

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