ZEISS Progressive Lenses Plus 2

The moment you can choose any frame without compromising your vision.

ZEISS Progressive Precision Plus.

ZEISS Progressive Precision Plus.

Precision optics with any frame.

Among the many influencing trends in today’s world are rapid changes in fashion. Eyeglass frame fashion is keeping pace – resulting in newer styles, shapes and sizes.

Human eyes are challenged like never before

Research has revealed that the majority of consumers first select a frame, then choose their lenses. But not all progressive lenses fit all frames, often resulting in limited frame choice or impaired vision. In fact, up to fifty percent of progressive lens wearers experience limited frame choice.* In following the latest fashion trends, wearers are changing frame styles more frequently, from small to large frames and vice versa.

* External market research with 1,000 progressive lens wearers in Germany and USA (2014)

ZEISS Progressive Precision Plus now gives patients the ability to choose the latest trends in frame styles without compromising their vision, no matter what frame size or shape.

  • Technology

    ZEISS Progressive Precision Plus.

    Optimized for the eyes + frame

    ZEISS Precision Plus features a full technology package designed to deliver the best possible all-around vision:

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    With FrameFit®+ Technology

    In a world of fast-changing fashion trends, FrameFit®+ Technology provides freedom for the wearer to select any frame they like.



  • Benefits

    Benefits for the wearer

    • Unlimited frame choice
    • Strain-free and clear vision for print media and digital device usage
    • Fast focus and good dynamic vision all day long, even for the challenges of today’s world
    • Thin and lightweight lenses
  • Details

    Progressive wearers want clear and comfortable vision for everything they do, but they don’t want to compromise on their frame choice to get it. ZEISS Precision Plus employs new FrameFit®+ Technology to give wearers more choice than ever.

    FrameFit®+ Technology is essential for better vision

    Not all progressive lenses fit in all frames.
    ZEISS ensures that progressive lens wearers experience better vision – no matter the choice of frame.

    Frame size

    ZEISS Progressive Lenses Plus

    Without FrameFit®+ Technology:
    Near zone is cut off when fit within a small frame.

    ZEISS Progressive Lenses Plus

    With FrameFit®+ Technology:
    Viewing corridor is shortened so the wearer enjoys maximum range of vision – even in smaller frames.

    Special frame shapes

    Without FrameFit®+ Technology:
    Near vision zone is cut out.

    With FrameFit®+ Technology:
    Viewing corridor is automatically adjusted so near zone fits within any frame shape.