ZEISS Progressive Lenses Plus 2

ZEISS Progressive Choice

How many of your patients are still wearing ordinary semi-finished progressives? Whether the number is large or small, ZEISS Progressive Choice gives you the opportunity to introduce them to a new level of progressive lens performance. With affordable pricing and no additional dispensing requirements, taking vision to the next level has never been easier.

  • Design

    ZEISS Progressive Choice

    A cut above the ordinary.

    The right corridor length for any frame

    The right corridor length for any frame

    Ordinary “standard-corridor” and “short-corridor” lenses are optimized for just one fitting height. As a result, patients with “in-between” fitting heights may experience reduced utility in the reading or intermediate zone. ZEISS Progressive Choice is available in four fitting heights (13, 15, 17, and 19mm) so you can give your patients the right corridor for their diverse frame choices with just one progressive lens.

    Up to 30% larger fields of vision*

    ZEISS Progressive Choice uses our patented (Patent) back-surface freeform technology to create a design that is optimized for the patients’ prescription. This overcomes the limitations of semi-finished base curve designs that create significant visual compromises for many wearers. The result is larger fields of distance, intermediate and near, and consistent high performance across the full prescription range.

    Easy to dispense

    ZEISS Progressive Choice lenses are fit, measured and dispensed just like ordinary semi-finished progressives. The only difference is superior visual performance.

    • The ZEISS Progressive Choice design optimization process is based on the same information you submit for ordinary progressives: No additional measurements are needed.
    • Verification is easy. The near and distance checking circles will show the prescribed powers.