ZEISS Sports Lenses

ZEISS Wrap and Sports Lenses

Special lenses for wrapped around fashionable frames and sunglasses

Most patients may feel that selecting a frame is the most important decision they need to make regarding their eyeglasses. But you know that high-quality materials and precision lenses can have a significant impact on patient satisfaction.

Help your patients understand that not all lenses are created equal, and the science and materials used in ZEISS lenses can make a difference in the way they see the world.

Sports Lenses

ZEISS Sports Lenses - curved perfection

For example, curved wrap sports and fashion frames place unique demands on eyeglass lenses. ZEISS customized wrap lenses feature back-surface Precise-FormTM technology by ZEISS, deliver consistently excellent optics, and are available in both progressive (Patent) and single vision styles.


  • High-performance design optimized for up to 25-degree wrap
  • Delivers up to 50% larger clear fields of view with maximum peripheral vision
  • Prismatic effects resulting from frame wrap and tilt are virtually eliminated, ensuring comfortable all-day wear, free from eye strain
  • Customized for each patient’s full Rx (sphere, cylinder, axis, add, and prism) and frame using proprietary Carl Zeiss Vision back-surface technology
  • Compatible with thousands of wrap sports and fashion frames
  • Available with i.Scription® by ZEISS (Patent)
  • Available in a full range of sun lenses, polarized, and self-tinting options with UV protection

Zeiss Individual Wrap = Intended Performance +3.00 sph + 2.00 Addition 25° Wrap Frame

High Base Progressive with Rx Compensation = Reduced Performance +3.00 sph + 2.00 Addition 25° Wrap Frame

Standard High Base Progressive Uncompensated = Minimal Performance +3.00 sph + 2.00 Addition 25° Wrap Frame

Download the professional brochure for more information on ZEISS wrap lenses here.


ZEISS lenses in Trivex® and NXT®

ZEISS lenses in Trivex® and NXT®

Carl Zeiss Vision is the exclusive distributor of NXT® technology sun lenses. Made with Trivex® material, NXT®lenses deliver extreme clarity, lightweight comfort, strength and protection. Excellent tint quality and lens performance makes them perfect for golfing, biking, driving, skiing… anything outdoors. NXT® lenses deliver the strength of polycarbonate with the optics of hard resin. To learn about high-performance ZEISS lenses in Trivex® and NXT® materials, download the product brochure.