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Gentle, easy, effective

It's always annoying to have dirty lenses. Thanks to their CleanCoat properties, modern lens coatings such as DuraVision® Platinum and Silver lay the foundation for easy cleaning and help protect the lens. However, there is simply no way around regular cleaning which should be as gentle, easy and effective as possible. For this reason, ZEISS provides an entire line of lens cleaning solutions that are gentle on the lens coating and easy to use: ZEISS lens wipes for fast cleaning on the go, ZEISS lens spray for in-depth cleaning and ZEISS microfiber cloth for in-depth, wet cleaning with a spray or dry.

  • How you benefit

    How you benefit

    Benefits for eyeglass wearers

    Lens cleaning whenever, wherever

    • Optimal protection and care for high-quality eyeglass lenses.
    • Prevents microscopic scratches that are initially invisible but gradually impair vision.
    • Gentle cleaning without damaging the lens coating.
    • Product solutions for fast cleaning on the go, as well as in-depth cleaning.
    • Ease of use.
    • Not just for glasses: ZEISS lens wipes can also be used to clean all types of sensitive optical surfaces (LCD displays, smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, mobile phones, etc.) easily and without streaks, all while reducing germs and bacteria on the displays.
  • Lens cleaning products

    The choice is entirely up to you

    An overview of ZEISS cleaning solutions

    NEW! Safe and effective: ZEISS alcohol-free lens wipes

    NEW! Safe and effective: ZEISS alcohol-free lens wipes

    Our wipes with this new, non-abrasive formula are safe for all optical surfaces, with no alcohol smell. Its fresh citrus scent is preferred 2-to-1 by eyeglass wearers. New formula cleans as well as our alcohol-based cleaners. Convenient, disposable pre-moistened wipes make cleaning quick and easy. Wipes are antistatic, and micro-fine and leave no scratches, streaks or marks on eyeglass lenses.

    They are also ideal for cleaning digital devices: LCD displays, smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, etc.

    For fast cleaning: ZEISS lens wipes

    For fast cleaning: ZEISS lens wipes

    At home, in the office or on the road: clear vision any time, any place. The moist, micro-fine cloth for lens cleaning is readily available and very effective. Optimum cleaning without scratching – tests prove it! The wipes have an exceptionally fine structure to ensure exceptionally gentle cleaning of all eyeglass lenses, even with high quality coatings such as DuraVision® Platinum. Individually packaged and gentle: they are pre-moistened with a unique combination of two substances that are also used to clean medical devices. These harmless agents do not contain any aggressive cleaning substances or artificial fragrances.

    Thorough and gentle: ZEISS lens cleaning spray (8 oz)

    Thorough and gentle: ZEISS lens cleaning spray (8 oz)

    ZEISS lens cleaning spray ensures thorough and yet gentle cleaning of eyeglass lenses. To clean your lenses, simply spray the cleaning solution on the ZEISS microfiber cloth and clean both sides of your lenses. The spray contains no aggressive cleaning substances that could damage the lens, the coating or the optical surface. It can also be used to clean other optical surfaces.

    ZEISS microfiber lens cloth

    Proven excellence: ZEISS microfiber lens cloth

    The ZEISS microfiber cloth for daily lens cleaning – effective and gentle, whether used dry or moistened with lukewarm water or with the ZEISS lens cleaning spray. Offers optimum cleaning for a long service life.

  • Infographic: How to Clean Your Glasses

Your individualized lenses:
These ZEISS products could be the best choice for you.

Your lens coating: robust, easy to clean, with a superb anti-reflective coating

ZEISS DuraVision® Platinum

Lens coatings transform plastic lenses into everyday masterpieces. They harden plastic lenses, making them dirt-resistant and easier to clean.

Discover what the Premium lens coating from ZEISS can do for you

If you work on the computer all day long, it's time to find a new solution for your eyes.

DuraVision® BlueProtect

We're exposed to more blue light than ever before due to modern light sources such as LED lighting and the radiation emitted by display devices. Some people find that the blue light emitted by lights and displays makes them feel tired and uncomfortable.

How DuraVision BlueProtect works

A fashionable choice

ZEISS Sunlenses

Indulge your passion for colors and tints: single, graduated or individualized – ZEISS makes it happen.

Learn more about ZEISS sunglass lenses

Personalized advice: find a ZEISS eye care professional near you

ZEISS cleaning wipes are available at participating opticians and selected retailers. The lens cleaning spray along with the corresponding microfiber cloth from ZEISS are available exclusively at eye care professionals. Find a ZEISS eye care professional near you.

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