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Progressive Lens Portfolio

Ensure that your eyes are up to the challenge: leading-edge technologies for state-of-the-art progressive lenses

Progressive lenses are true optical masterpieces. They offer individualized support for your eyes from near to far and everything in-between. The lens design is of key importance. It must be exactly tailored to you and your visual habits. The ZEISS Progressive Lens Portfolio offers four performance levels and seven technologies, some of which are the first of their kind anywhere in the world. Did you know that the reading distance between our eyes and a smartphone is much shorter than when we read a book or a newspaper? All progressive lens designs from ZEISS take this into account. But ZEISS progressive lenses can do a lot more.

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  • How you benefit

    How you benefit

    Benefits for eyeglass wearers

    Progressive lenses for the modern world

    • Excellent vision thanks to maximum precision: ZEISS progressive lenses offer four quality categories (Pure - Plus - Superb - Individual) and seven technologies that can be optimized to your visual needs.
    • Outstanding wearer tolerance, including a tolerance guarantee from ZEISS.
    • Relaxed and good dynamic vision with fast focusing at any distance and in any direction thanks to the ZEISS design philosophy.
    • Optimization of the lens power, even for high prescriptions, for easy-to-wear, comfortable glasses and an attractive appearance.
    • Better night vision: you can also order ZEISS progressive lenses with i.Scription® technology – for even better contrast perception and color intensity.
    • You can select additional lens coatings and extras - such as the DuraVision Platinum® premium coating, tinted lenses or self-tinting lenses with PhotoFusion technology.
  • Progressive lenses: who for?

    What quality category should you choose when?

    Our goal is to provide you with the same comfortable vision you once enjoyed before needing glasses.

    Progressive lenses are the ideal solution for excellent vision at near, far and everything in-between – all without any perceptible transitions. Generally speaking,

    the better the progressive lens is adapted to the individual wearer and the more personalized it is, the larger the usable and optically defined areas of the lens – and the better wearer tolerance – become.

    Important to know: all quality categories build upon each other and automatically contain all of the technologies and benefits of the preceding category! In addition, all ZEISS progressive lenses feature Precision Technology:

    1. Clear optics - ZEISS Precision: Excellent vision thanks to maximum precision with the advanced eye-lens system, point-by-point optimization in real time and leading-edge freeform technology.

    2. Dynamic optics - ZEISS Design Philosophy: Comfortable, dynamic vision with fast focusing at every distance and in every direction.

    3. Thin optics - ZEISS Lens Aesthetics: the optimum balance between precise optics and thin, lightweight lenses.

    1// ZEISS Progressive Precision Pure: optimized for your eyes

    Digital devices pose major challenges to our eyes every day

    Our lives increasingly revolve around digital devices. You may not be aware of it, but these devices require a shorter reading distance than books and other print media. Moving our eyes constantly and quickly from near to far and back again the whole day long – this must all be taken into account by a progressive lens to enable comfortable, clear vision.

    See for yourself how ZEISS Progressive Precision Pure can increase your visual comfort when using a smartphone or reading a newspaper – all thanks to our unique innovation Digital Inside® Technology.

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    2// ZEISS Progressive Precision Plus: optimized for your eyes + frame

    Fashion never stands still

    These days, you can let fashion trends inspire you when selecting your eyeglass frames. Frame fashions change very quickly – there are constantly new shapes and sizes to choose from. But when it comes to progressive lenses, it's nice to stay with what you know. With our FrameFit+® Technology, your progressive lenses can be inserted in your new frame in such a way that you don't need to reaccustom your eyes to new zones of vision. The result: outstanding wearer tolerance. And just what fashionable wearers have been waiting for!

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    3// ZEISS Progressive Precision Superb:
    Optimized for eyes + frame + face

    Anatomy meets technology

    Posture are never exactly the same! The anatomy of our faces and the interplay of frame, lenses and face determines how we see with progressive lenses. A modern progressive lens featuring high-tech technology should take the shape of the wearer's face into account to ensure that he or she enjoys optimum 3D vision. ZEISS FaceAdapt Technology integrates precisely these parameters in the production of the lens.

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    4// ZEISS Progressive Individual 2:
    Optimized for eyes + frame + face + personal lifestyle

    Individual activities demand tailor-made solutions

    The increasing complexity of our lifestyles these days is posing major challenges to our eyes – and this requires tailor-made solutions to help them perform at their best. Individualized progressive lenses must take into account not only your anatomy, but also your everyday activities. This is the only way of ensuring that you can benefit from good, natural vision in all situations. IndividualFit™ and Luminance Design® Technologies make this all possible. Progressive lenses focus sharply on the needs of your eyes at work and in your leisure time.

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  • Performance overview



    Individual 2
      Optimized for the eyes Optimized for the eyes + frame Optimized for the eyes + frame + face Optimized for the eyes + frame + face + main daily activities
    Best natural vision based on main daily activities
    Best natural vision for day and night
    Better vision unlocking the full potential of 3D vision
    Fast adaptation in any frame
    Unlimited choice of frame
    Strain-free and clear vision for print media and digital devices usage
    Fast focus, sharp and dynamic vision all day long & thin and lightweight lenses
  • Technology overview
    ZEISS Technologies Precision
    Individual 2
      Optimized for the eyes Optimized for the eyes + frame Optimized for the eyes + frame + face Optimized for the eyes + frame + face + main daily activities
    IndividualFit™ Technology
    Luminance Design™ Technology
    FaceAdapt Technology
    FrameFit+® Technology
    Digital Inside® Technology
    Precision Technology

Your individualized lenses:
These ZEISS products could be the best choice for you.

Your lens coating: robust, easy to clean, with a superb anti-reflective coating

ZEISS DuraVision ® Platinum

Lens coatings transform plastic lenses into everyday masterpieces. They harden plastic lenses, making them dirt-resistant and easier to clean.

Discover what the Premium lens coating from ZEISS can do for you

If you work on the computer all day long, it's time to find a new solution for your eyes.

DuraVision ® BlueProtect

We're exposed to more blue light than ever before due to modern light sources such as LED lighting and the radiation emitted by display devices. Some people find that the blue light emitted by lights and displays makes them feel tired and uncomfortable.

How DuraVision BlueProtect works

Clear vision all day, every day

Lens cleaning solutions from ZEISS

It's always annoying to have dirty lenses. Cleaning your glasses should be as gentle, simple and effective as possible. That's why ZEISS offers such a wide range of lens cleaning solutions.

A quick wipe or a thorough clean? ZEISS has the lens cleaning solutions you need

Not the right product for you?

Would like more comfortable sunglasses?

ZEISS PhotoFusion

Do you find switching eyeglasses inconvenient? Lenses which automatically adjust to all light conditions eliminate the need to switch glasses, significantly boosting the wearer's comfort and safety.

Learn more about self-tinting lenses from ZEISS

Are you looking for computer glasses?

ZEISS Officelens

Spending most of the day in front of a screen can lead to neck, back and shoulder pain. This is often caused by wearing the wrong kind of glasses.

Why are reading or progressive lenses less than ideal for working at a computer screen?

Do you drive a lot?

ZEISS DriveSafe

Many people feel insecure and inadequately supported by their glasses when they need to drive in tricky conditions – such as during a storm, at night or at dawn or dusk.

Learn more about lenses optimized for driving and suitable for everyday use

Personalized advice: find a ZEISS eye care professional near you

Your ZEISS eye care professional will be happy to configure your progressives after carefully explaining all the available options. Find a suitable eye care professional here.

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