Solutions Provider for Inline Measuring Technology

Carl Zeiss Automated Inspection GmbH, Neuenstein

The 100% inspection of process-relevant geometric features of all parts in the production process enables employees to immediately intervene directly in the process and thus achieve efficient process management. This allows us to provide our customers with maximum quality without having to interrupt the production process.

We have been a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH since December 2012.
Through our product portfolio, ZEISS is now able round off its offering for the measuring lab with a wide range of solutions from need-based fixture systems to database software platforms such as PiWeb to process-optimized inline measuring technology in production. This allows ZEISS as a solutions provider to deliver universal and tailored solutions, which are specially designed for the car body process chains of the automotive and supplier industries.

We offer a modular inspection system that can be configured to customer needs. All key technologies were developed by ZEISS. From the optical inspection system to the image editing software, from special calibration methods to temperature compensation of the robotic systems and visualization of the measured values – everything was developed by the company's own development lab. This gives ZEISS the leeway to react flexibly, individually and quickly to customer requirements

In addition to 3D inline measuring technology, we also offer innovative optical image processing systems to ensure the quality of production processes. We focus on the challenges faced by the powertrain segment of the automotive industry. Our solutions for process control and quality assurance are tailored to customer requests and the production environment. Years of experience and performance-compliant hardware help us find the optimal solution.

The employees at headquarters in Neuenstein, Germany, and the utilization of the Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH global sales and service structures with more than 1,200 service application technicians guarantee expert consultation and services around the world.

Carl Zeiss Automated Inspection GmbH
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