Reduce non-productive time – double the throughput ZEISS pallets

You can save valuable time by using pallets to clamp your workpiece before measurement.

Reduce non-productive time – double the throughput

ZEISS Pallets

During loading, each coordinate measuring machine is at a standstill. However, this unproductive time can be prevented with pallets. Pallets allows workpieces to be clamped outside the measuring device and in advance of the measurement. Within a few seconds, the loaded pallets can then be aligned on the measuring device - without being measured again.
Additional time saves another calibration pallet. A fixed reference sphere holder with a sphere and, if required, also a reference ring and glass standard are provided on a pallet of this kind. To carry out the calibration, the user simply places the pallet on the machine and starts the process on the measuring machine.

Our product range

Pallet system THETA

The ZEISS pallet system THETA is used for tactile coordinate measuring machines, e.g. ZEISS CONTURA, ACCURA, PRISMO and XENOS as well as DuraMax, CenterMax and GageMax.

Pallet system OMEGA

The ZEISS pallet system OMEGA is used for optical measuring machines, e.g. ZEISS O-INSPECT or O-SELECT.

Pallet system GAMMA

The ZEISS pallet system GAMMA is designed for the CT measuring machine ZEISS METROTOM.

Pallets reduce non-productive times

Measuring tip

For safe storage of your pallets

Several aligned pallets save valuable time. To ensure that the pallets are stored safely and well when not in use, you can store them in the specially designed pallet cabinet.

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