Reference for standard geometries

With ZEISS CALYPSO, you will measure standard geometries easily, quickly and reliably.
A single mouse click on the required characteristics is all that is needed for programming.

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Turbine blades

BLADE PRO determines an enormous range of parameters for the analysis of turbine blades.

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Evaluate curves

Evaluate 2D and 3D curves, known, unknown, open and closed curves.

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Evaluate freeform surfaces

Evaluate single points, spatial points groups and sections.

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Parts families

Parameter Coded Measurements saves you time measuring and preparing parts by eliminating the need for unique measurement plans for each part within the same family.

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CAD import

CAD import options

Licensing of CAD formats for import into ZEISS CALYPSO.

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DMIS import and DMIS export

The DMIS option can be used to import and export measuring programs into ZEISS CALYPSO or rather DMIS.

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Export for qs-STAT

Export of ZEISS CALYPSO result files for the qs-STAT statistics program.

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Measure random samples

FACS makes it possible to integrate routine measuring applications into automated processes.

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Standard automation

BASIC AUTOMATION makes it possible to integrate ZEISS measuring machines into partly or fully automated production processes.

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Polygon clamping devices

PTI for standardized measurement of workpiece holders with polygon taper interface.

ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning icon
DYNAMIC PLANNING Measurement plan dynamization at the touch of a button

The new option ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning allows for a simple adjustment of the CNC sequence based on dynamic rules from MES/CAQ solutions, for example the ZEISS GUARDUS. By applying the dynamic rules, the inspection scope is significantly reduced. This allows high time savings during the measurement process. An additional advantage is that since the users do not change the measurement plan themselves, these do not need to be certified again, which would be a time-consuming process.