Performance Boost for Quality Control

With the ZEISS CALYPSO 2021 software release, ZEISS is once again ensuring, with more than 60 new functions, a significant increase in performance in quality control for further time and cost savings in the inspection and analysis of components. Above all, optimizations for automation play a major role in the new software version.

Your advantages:
  • New ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning option for dynamic adaptation of the measurement scope.
  • A multitude of programming optimizations ensures significant time savings
  • 20 times faster results thanks to improved free-form and point set calculations
  • Measurement time optimization of up to 270 % for optical measurements with ZEISS O-INSPECT  

Highlights of the ZEISS CALYPSO 2021 Innovations
ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning

1. New option for the next level performance:

The new option ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning reduces the demand on coordinate measuring machines by automatically and dynamically skipping characteristics well within process control. The option is easily adapted to existing or new measurement plans and is based on statistical rules from ZEISS GUARDUS MES or ZEISS GUARDUS CAQ software. These rules determine how often measurement characteristics are inspected in a measurement plan. A complete measurement plan can also be scheduled or manually executed at any time. Due to the applied rules, a considerable time savings during the measurement process is possible.

2. Planning optimizations that result in significant time savings

Based on Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) stored in the CAD model and with the integration of the ZEISS Cookbook principle, users could already create measurement plans in the ZEISS software automatically. In ZEISS CALYPSO 2021, it is now possible to create measurement plans with PMI from STEP AP 242. The PMI extension is included within the STEP interface. In addition, improvements in the planning process provide further time savings. For example, ZEISS has simplified the workflow for displaying deviation flags and made numerous optimizations with regard to PMI import.

ZEISS CALYPSO creates measurement plans automatically with PMI
Significant performance improvement in ZEISS CALYPSO 2021 freeform

3. Freeform results are 20 times faster

An improved mathematical algorithm provides a significant increase in performance for the calculation of free-form and point sets as well as free-form deviations. In addition, the software features an improved adaptation of the Gauss-Chebyshev method for tactile as well as optical points. The latter are calculated faster by a factor of 100. In addition, the improved mathematical algorithm enables significantly accelerated data transfer. The optimized free-form user interface can now be used to eliminate outliers, set the number of points output in the CAD window and interactively adjust the CAD display in the report output. With the help of all these innovations, ZEISS CALYPSO 2021 delivers results up to 20 times faster.


4. Optical measurement time optimization of up to 270 percent

In the measurement time comparison, ZEISS CALYPSO 2021 achieves a measurement time optimization of up to 270 percent on the ZEISS O-INSPECT measuring machine. To achieve this, ZEISS has carried out web optimization and web automation, among other things. This allows measuring element sorting to be integrated, bypass path optimization to be switched on and unnecessary machine movements to be eliminated. Adjusting the camera position to the search beams in an inspection plan also makes a significant contribution to accelerating the measurement process. The latest software version bundles as many measuring elements as possible in one camera position, which is automatically determined via a predefined zoom level. In this way, several image elements fit into one camera image or even into partial areas.

Fast measurement with optics in ZEISS CALYPSO 2021
Further ZEISS CALYPSO 2021 Innovations
  • Simplified planning: New groups with group comment and text element in the protocol with dynamic number of lines.
  • Speed up report generation with ZEISS PiWeb: ZEISS has developed more than 50 new reporting functions, all of which serve to save a considerable amount of time, including: faster plots, faster log display or faster PDF creation.
  • Output of the fourier analysis table in the report: Transfer of up to thirty largest harmonics to ZEISS PiWeb for roundness and waviness control. In addition, the analysis table can be reported in ZEISS PiWeb.
  • AutoRun & defining multiple protocols: A new multiple protocol "Standard ZEISS PiWeb Trend" has been added to the selection list under definition multiple protocol. The trend protocol, which is useful for visualizing multiple measurements, can now also be selected in ZEISS CALYPSO AutoRun.
  • Extended default list of header parameters: The following new fields are available in the log header parameters selection list: "Sample Size", "Measurement Type", "Inspection Lot", "Customer Number", "Inspection Reason", "Screen Dump" and "Normalization Concept".
  • Digital signature in ZEISS CALYPSO: Signing inspection plans with certificates. Digital signing of ZEISS CALYPSO measurement protocols using certificates. Verification of signed measurement plans and protocols. When a measurement plan is signed, unauthorized changes to the measurement plan are prevented. Similarly, automatically signed measurement protocols are possible.
  • Improved change management for comparing measurement plans: Comparing measurement plans become even easier thanks to a new reduced view for filtering interesting changes and differences. It is also now possible to compare different revisions of a measurement plan.
  • New functions in ZEISS CALYPSO curve: New evaluation of line shape with reference length according to ASME Y14.5 and new point retrieval from curves with already processed result points.
Digital Customer Days

ZEISS Digital Customer Days 2021

Would you like to learn more about the new ZEISS CALYPSO 2021 software features and how our software solutions can help you increase your productivity? Then learn more in person or online at our ZEISS Digital Customer Days. In September and October 2021, we will continue our successful series of events and present our software solutions and their innovations to you. Exclusive highlights await customers with a ZEISS software maintenance contract again this year.