Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

Reliable and high-quality coordinate metrology

In production, a wide variety of components are worked with every day. The demands on performance and quality are becoming higher and higher. This also affects the quality requirements in industrial metrology. Coordinate measuring machines, or CMMs for short, are ideal for measuring workpieces precisely in any measuring environment.

Your advantages with coordinate measuring machines from ZEISS at a glance:

With a coordinate measuring machine from ZEISS, you can master your daily metrological challenges with maximum precision and rely on the many years of expertise and competence of ZEISS in industrial metrology. You too can find the right coordinate measuring machine for your application in the extensive ZEISS portfolio.

Custom-fit solutions: in the broad ZEISS portfolio you will find the right coordinate measuring machine for every measuring application and every workpiece size

Reliable and reproducible results: all ZEISS coordinate measuring machines are ISO 10360 certified

Compatibility due to universal software: control of all coordinate measuring machines and sensors from the ZEISS portfolio with a single software package - ZEISS CALYPSO

Valuable measurement results: the scalable ZEISS PiWeb reporting & statistics software helps convert measurement data into meaningful results

Maximum productivity: ZEISS offers CMMs, styli and other original accessories from a single source

Service & Support: comprehensive services including training for CMM users at the ZEISS Academy Metrology

With ZEISS you can master any metrology challenge

Coordinate measuring machines from ZEISS are perfectly matched measuring systems with the latest technology that combine user-friendly applications with highly precise measurement results. When using your CMM, rely on a measuring machine with up-to-date measuring software and a styli system tailored to it to avoid measurement deviations and provide reliable measurement results within the shortest possible time.

Whether high measurement volume or single point measurement – a CMM from ZEISS delivers the best possible results for every measurement. ZEISS ensures this through strict quality controls of new and used measuring machines. The certified production of the coordinate measuring machines guarantees you the longevity of the devices and a secure warranty claim.

Efficient and precise measurement with Bridge CMMs

Coordinate Measuring Machines for small to medium measurement volumes

Bridge CMMs from ZEISS are thought-out, perfectly coordinated measuring systems, from the measuring machine to the sensor technology to the measuring software, which reliably prove their quality in practical use.

With a CMM from ZEISS, there are no compromises when it comes to measurement: achieve the best possible results within the shortest possible time – with ZEISS bridge CMMs.

Advanced Shop Floor CMMs for manufacturing

Coordinate Measuring Machines for metrology close to production

Maximum flexibility under maximum load: Measuring machines that are located in production or manufacturing must meet special requirements. After all, a coordinate measuring machine that is to work close to production must be able to withstand a number of stresses. Dust, oil, floor vibrations or temperature fluctuations must not affect the accuracy of the measurement results. For this reason, ZEISS Shop Floor measuring machines are ideally suited to precisely these conditions.

The advantage of integrating measuring machines directly in manufacturing or production: with Shop Floor measuring machines, quality assurance can take place exactly where production is taking place. This maximizes performance and cost-effectiveness because it saves transportation from production to the quality lab.

Large CMMs for inspection of large workpieces

Coordinate Measuring Machines with large measuring volumes

Coordinate measuring machines from ZEISS offer industrial metrology of the highest precision - even when inspecting large-volume components. This type of coordinate measuring machine is used in the aerospace industry, among others, but also in automotive and mechanical engineering – wherever large components are in use. With Large coordinate measuring machines from ZEISS, you can rely on highly accurate measurement results even with gigantic component sizes.

Horizontal Arm CMMs for maximum accessibility

Coordinate Measuring Machines for inspection of hard-to-reach parts

Optimal measurement results through maximum accessibility – this is guaranteed by the use of coordinate measuring machines in column design. This type of CMM is made up of a fixed bridge and an axis for moving the measured object. Due to the very large measuring range, Horizontal Arm measuring machines are mainly used to inspect sheet metal, cast iron or steel parts in vehicle, aircraft and ship building. Because of maximum accessibility, you can measure even large workpieces precisely with a horizontal arm device and avoid measurement deviations.

CMM accessories in the ZEISS Webshop

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In our Webshop you will find suitable accessories for your equipment.

Trust the opinion of your industry peers

Custom-fit solutions for every area of application

Automotive, aerospace and aviation, medical technology and other industries are always changing – ZEISS is your holistic partner for quality assurance. Would you like to achieve not only more productivity but also more flexibility in your work? Rely on a ZEISS coordinate measuring machine as a perfectly coordinated and highly functional measuring system. Sensors and accessories are precisely tailored to measuring machines and software to deliver precise measurement results for every application and every requirement. Convince yourself of the successes achieved by your industry peers.

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