ZEISS SurfMax R Series Inline inspection of complex geometries.

ZEISS SurfMax R Series is designed to provide inspection of complex part geometries or multiple variants of a part within a given part family. Automatic robot handling allows for consistent and optimized part alignment within the inspection tunnel for accurate and repeatable inspections.

Your advantages:
  • Available in different sizes
  • Simple and automated operation
  • Customizeable to your needs

Available in different sizes

Two models are available depending on the size of the parts for inspection: ZEISS SurfMax R150 for parts with a width up to 150mm and ZEISS SurfMax R250 for parts with a width up to 300mm. Isolated point-like defects with a lateral size of 25 μm can be consistently detected by ZEISS SurfMax R Series. 

Customizable to your needs

Customizable options to fit your existing workflows are available including infeed and outfeed material handling of parts, custom end-of-arm tools, fixturing, pallets, trays, and sorting and verification systems to indicate part types, part and result tracking by serial number.