From energy to eMotion ZEISS eMobility Solutions

ZEISS eMobility Solutions features a selection of products from the ZEISS portfolio, providing
unique holistic quality inspection solutions for all components of the E-Mobility: Battery,
Power Electronics, E-Motor and Transmission – From energy to eMotion.


A wide range of imaging, analytic and metrology tools are needed to enable battery research and quality control of batteries. ZEISS
produces light, electron, x-ray-microscopy and computer tomography (CT) systems, as well as coordinate measurement machines to assess and correlate structural, compositional, electrical and dimensional characteristics across the relevant lengths scales. ZEISS thus helps to provide the relevant data to enable battery safety and performance for new energy vehicles.

Power Electronics

Power electronics is the energy hub of every battery-electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicle, as it controls the flow of power between the battery and the electric motor. To make electronic components more efficient and reliable, it’s essential to control the quality of semiconductors, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and finished modules across different length scales.

Electric Motor

Electric motors are true powerhouses – compact and light, but still capable of high speeds and enormous torques, even at slow speeds. All components need to fit together precisely for these motors to generate so much power with such little wear. One challenge posed by the latest generation of motors involves the precise production and assembly of the hairpins and stator, as well as the manufacture of the stacks in the stator and rotor. ZEISS produces tactile and optical measuring devices to cover every aspect of the quality management process, and even helps electric motor manufacturers set up their inspection chains.


Electric vehicles have very different powertrains – with either a singlespeed or two-speed transmission instead of up to nine gears found in combustion engines. The engine and transmission share a housing – reducing the number of components and weight, but not the quality requirements. A number of measuring and inspection steps are needed to ensure top performance, low wear and tear, and quiet operation. ZEISS produces all of these measurement tools, and consults with manufacturers to design ideal quality assurance systems.

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