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ZEISS cleaning wipes for prescription eyeglass lenses and other optical surfaces

Shirt sleeves, ties or handkerchiefs are often close at hand, but they are unfortunately not suitable for cleaning modern prescription eyeglass lenses. Rubbing lenses with these rough materials can cause damage, particularly to plastic lenses with coatings. Dirt and scratch marks caused by incorrect cleaning, inhibit the clarity of eyeglass lenses. They make it hard to see through the lens and restrict the wearer’s vision. ZEISS now offers professional cleaning solutions that are optimally suited to the needs of high-quality prescription eyeglass lenses.

Pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes from ZEISS with their unique combination of active agents provide gentle and thorough cleaning. Independent tests* confirm: the tissues offer the most effective cleaning performance – gentle without causing scratches – in comparison to ten alternative products. These tissues have an especially fine structure which does not damage modern prescription eyeglass lenses or their coatings. They are pre-moistened with a special combination of two active agents, free from aggressive cleaning substances and artificial fragrances. Individually packaged, the tissues are easy to keep at hand in every situation and have lasting results: they ensure better vision and more durability for your eyeglass lenses.

Each pack of ZEISS lens wipes contains instructions for the optimal care of prescription eyeglass lenses as well as additional information on better vision. The new cleaning wipes from ZEISS are also suitable for other optical surfaces and LCD displays, such as digital cameras, laptops, smartphones and mobile phones.


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