Opening the door to precision ZEISS PRISMO, among others, ensures maximum accuracy of fit at dormakaba; but the company also relies on the expert knowledge in the ZEISS Quality Excellence Centers.

As a manufacturer of access and security solutions with a global footprint, dormakaba enjoys an outstanding reputation as a provider of extremely precise access and security solutions with an especially long service life. To ensure the quality of its products, dormakaba relies on ZEISS measuring machines and services.

How dormakaba succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
Measuring Process Assessment
  • Expanded measuring capacities
  • Measurement results in next to no time
  • The latest measuring technology

dormakaba relies on ZEISS measuring services

The challenge: maximum fitting accuracy

Millions of opening and closing systems from dormakaba are used in airports, convention centers, hotels, sporting venues and hospitals throughout the world. "Our company's success is the result of outstanding engineering and excellent quality," explains Jörg Waltherr, a measuring technician at dormakaba. The company's site in Ennepetal, Germany primarily produces security components. The quality and fit must be just right so that all systems work without a hitch. "Our customers need to be confident that every product will still work without any problem even after a door has been opened and closed 100,000 times. This is only possible if all the individual mechanisms are perfectly coordinated," says Waltherr. Achieving this is quite a challenge for the company, since it offers more complex products featuring an even greater degree of customization. "We have to keep enhancing our metrology solutions to maintain such high quality standards," adds Waltherr.

Measuring technician inspecting a base support
Jörg Waltherr, a measuring technician at dormakaba, uses a base support to explain what is important when measuring components.
Employee from the Quality Assurance department at dormakaba measuring a part with the ZEISS PRISMO.
Alexandre Cardoso, a Quality Assurance employee at dormakaba, measuring a part with the ZEISS PRISMO.

The solution: hardware, consultation and service

dormakaba purchases a lot of its components from suppliers. Every new delivery is inspected at the production site. The company uses different systems to accurately measure all dimensions, form and any other relevant features on a large number of components. Jörg Waltherr heads over to a ZEISS PRISMO in the measuring lab: "This is a high-quality, easy-to-program machine, which makes it the perfect choice for our business." He and his colleagues are also working with a ZEISS DuraMax and a ZEISS Surfcom contour and roughness measuring machine. In addition to initial sampling, for the company's measuring technicians at-line random sampling is part of their day-to-day work. And Jörg Waltherr checks if the latest innovations coming down the pipeline can be both produced and measured. Whenever he is overwhelmed by the diverse array of measuring jobs, Waltherr can always get advice and assistance from the ZEISS Metrology Center in the nearby city of Cologne.

Whenever I need assistance, whether with interpreting a measuring report or assessing a new inspection method, I contact the measuring experts from ZEISS who share their expertise with me"

Jörg Waltherr, measuring technician at dormakaba

The benefit: a wide range of services close at hand

Whether retrofitting older measuring machines, realizing challenging measuring jobs that cannot be performed in-house or assessing new inspection methods, the experts in Cologne have been helping companies like dormakaba for many years by providing know-how and flexible services. For example: complex components can be measured with the depth and level of detail dormakaba requires. Jörg Waltherr even has ZEISS measure the latest innovations with a CT scanner or fringe projection – two measuring methods dormakaba cannot perform in-house. Waltherr particularly likes the fact that the ZEISS Metrology Center is not far away: "We can even attend special trainings or other events without spending the entire day on the road."

Norbert Krengel and Jörg Waltherr from dormakaba together with Philipp Willier from the ZEISS Metrology Center
Norbert Krengel and Jörg Waltherr from dormakaba together with Philipp Willier from the ZEISS Metrology Center
About dormakaba

Headquartered in Switzerland, the dormakaba Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services related to doors as well as to secure access to buildings and rooms from a single supplier This includes locking systems, fully networked electronic access solutions, physical access and automatic door systems as well as a comprehensive range of door hinges, fittings, door closers and stoppers, time and enterprise data recording, high-security and hotel locks.