Walk the line for car body construction:
new inline & atline solutions

June 16th, 17th & 18th, 2020

Bring quality assurance technology closer to your production line, and start the digital transformation of your operation into the Smart Factories of tomorrow, today. Explore our new range of comprehensive Car Body Solutions that can be individually tailored to your needs, whether offline, atline and inline. Learn how you can merge the tasks of inline process control and traditional measurement technology in one system. Our powerful optical and tactile sensors together with robust kinematics will enable you to efficiently combine maximum productivity with high precision and accuracy, even atline.

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Webinar: More than a robot. It‘s a Hambot. - The new multisensor CMM

When it comes to performing as many car body measurement tasks as possible on one system, ZEISS has a new, superior solution: the Hambot.

It is extremely versatile and offers top performance in almost all measuring disciplines. The combination of optical and tactile sensor technology ensures maximum productivity and precision - not only in the measuring room but also close to the production line.

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Webinar: More productivity and efficiency in automotive engineering through the use of in-line measurement technology - the solutions from ZEISS Car Body Solutions

In the global automotive industry, there are signs of a high number of new vehicle start-ups, a significant increase in production flexibility and the introduction of new innovative manufacturing processes.
To ensure high quality standards and control of production processes, intelligent strategies specially tailored to customer objectives are required.

ZEISS in-line measurement technology offers the appropriate solutions. All ZEISS services are coordinated with each other - for maximum quality and productivity.

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